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  1. Kid has soo much talent, you can see him out there make these plays look soo easy,, Just lacks onfidence and grit...
  2. Had to do it for myself, figured i might aswell post it for everyone else (Toronto) Jaroslav Halak in the St. Louis Blues in June Exchange well surprised people in the world. But not Ken Holland. Holland, CEO of the Detroit Red Wings of, believes that the Canadian did not choose to share one of his guards before the start of next season. Although this goalkeeper was the favorite of Montreal fans. "Pierre Gauthier had no choice, because the wage ceiling does not keep two good guards with the same team, commented Holland, yesterday in Toronto of the World Summit of hockey.". This is the reality of today's marketplace. "Leaders are paid to make difficult decisions, and that Pierre Gauthier has done." Exchange of Halak, hero of the recent series in Montreal, was not surprised Holland, who himself has already had a similar decision. "I've exchanged a Hero series me too." In 1997, (goalkeeper) Mike Vernon was our hero, but I had exchanged it two weeks after our conquest of the Stanley Cup. I had to choose between him and Chris Osgood, and I chose Osgood because he was the youngest. The decision was not easy, but I had no choice. We would still like to keep all of our players, but this is not possible. This is the nature of the collective agreement. "And sometimes we must redeem popular players. It does most of the central division rira Advantage Halak Holland believes that the pressure will be on the shoulders of Carey Price, which has still not signed a contract with the Canadian. In addition to making forget Halak, Price will have to prove that it deserves the title of number one goalkeeper. Holland, young Canadian goalkeeper is able to deal with this pressure. "It will not have the choice, it's part of the game. If it cannot cope with the pressure in the National League, it is perhaps because it is not good business. While in this League, it is because it is capable of handling
  3. hello everybody user name : smoke real name :tom born:Canada live: Canada favourite current hab: Gill favourite all time hab:Kovalev Add to Facebook: Canadiens900@Hotmail.com
  4. Concerning the whole Batman thing... T.O + OchoCinko or whatever his name is... They play for the Nfl Bengals Team, Anyways they Are actually Calling themselves BatMan + Robin, and making references of the Bat Cave and all of that... I saw them last night before the football game.. Pretty funny
  5. Id say 30-40 games, and i bet hes going to be ALOT better then most are you are thinking...
  6. Soo much skill, needs more confidence out there is all
  7. Gill was a BEAST, im sure he makes every goalie in the league that much better, Blocking shot after shot after shot
  8. If he can score 20 goals this season, We will be 1st in the east
  9. I think 1.5 million would be his peak, that all being said, he will have to step up his game to be in that ballpark
  10. Yes done deal I have his Jersey so im very happy By the way if anyone is interested in receiveing Breaking habs news add me onto facebook ... Pm me for my email address
  11. #Habs sign Maxim Lapierre to a 1-year, $900,000 contract
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