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  1. Hi Habs fans! I live in Ontario and I was wondering if anyone can assist me now ir in the future purchase Canadiens memorabilia or collectibles in the Montreal Quebec area whether game day items or items that are available regionally like the Scotties tissues with the HAbs logo available at your Dollarama store, etc.. My dear friend passed away last year in Quebec and I am looking to meet ad connect with fellow Habs fans and collectors from Quebec who can help me and I would pay the cost and shipping as well. Sadly I live in Laffs Nation and they only carry Toronto, Toronto, Toronto stuff here. WOuld like to connect and meet you Habs fans in Quebec. Thanks Go Habs Go!
  2. Hi all, been a long time since I was on this site. I hate to admit it, but Gallagher needs to sit down, we need Tatar to be put in the lineup, sit out Gufstasson and pun in Romanov and Armia in as well and Evans out. This team will bounce back, they will rebound.
  3. Hoping we can be the team of 86, young forwards like Suzuki, Evans, Caulfield to name a few to step it up in the playoffs.
  4. No. 5 Guy Lapointe!! This guy was the most underrated defenseman of the big 3 (Robinson and Savard the other two) He as just a rookie defenseman when he played for the 1971 Cup FInal and was so steady in keeping the greats Bobby Hull, Jim Pappin, Stan Mikita off the scoresheet! He played hurt for most of his 12 + seasons in Montreal, but never complained like players do now! Such a steady defenseman for Montreal...too bad they don't have him as an assistant coach for Montreal to teach the youngsters how to play...are you listening Bob Gainey?? I believe Robinson's time will come, but this guy deserves credentials more! Pointu, you were great when you played mon ami! :wink:
  5. Forget about Cournoyer, Dryden, Robinson, Moore, etc....the one most deserving and underrated is........No. 5 Guy Lapointe! Solid defender who had a stellar career with the Habs....how many rookie defensemen out there that played like a veteran out there than Guy himself in the 1971 Montreal Chicago Stanley Cup final...he played like a veteran out there yet he was just a rookie containing players like Bobby HUll, Jim Pappin, Stan MIkita....etc... out there! All you Pepsi Generation Habs fans may not have seemed him play but us oldtimers out there know he was an awesome defenseman out there whos was overshadowed by other Habs' defensemen such as Serge Savard, offensive-minded Larry Robinson and Chris Chelios, etc... My vote goes for Guy!!! :wink:
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