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  1. Now that we know that Tanguay, Kovalev, Koivu, Lang, Komisarek, Higgins won't be back i guess the only logic choice should be Markov. Hey Koivu was there and he didn't talk much to the media and still in the hearts of so many fans was a true leades by what he brought on the ice night after night. That is why i think Markov should be the next capitain. He he the quarter back of this team. Naming somebody else i think would be an insult not only to him but the other players that are still on the team.

    I would give the C to Markov

    I would give one A to Georges

    And i would give the last A to Sergei Kostistyn

    Markov for what he brings on the ice

    Georges for what he brings on and off the ice

    Sergei because a see the potential. and i guess The A would calm his somewhat hot temper

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