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  1. Is it "headache" ? HA. "You are awesome".
  2. Cherry cheesecake. Swimming in the ocean or swimming in a pool?
  3. False. The poster below me loves bacon.
  4. Oh I'm far enough away from the water, thankfully! I live near the river, but not close enough to have to worry about any flooding.
  5. I live on the West Island. There is some pretty bad flooding over here. Normally, you could open the gate and walk down on to the sand, and then down to the water. There are sand bags all around the park. The river is aaall the way down the street, past a little forested area. The street is completely flooded, and there's a police car and police tape blocking off the street. The house is pumping water near the train track. Hopefully it doesn't get any higher. This is supposed to be a bike path. This is part of the river that is flooding the street from the earlier picture. The bike path connects to the flooded street. More water near a different part of the train track. So. Much. Water. This is another flooded street near my house. The river is on the right side, and there are homes on the left side. Most of the street was blocked off on Saturday. I have no idea if it's all blocked off by now.
  6. Come on, Habs. I wanted to make a Game 7 GDT.
  7. I love this picture so much.
  8. Ugh. Of course.