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  1. I'm back.
  2. Nope, never.
  3. Dun dun duuunnn.
  4. Boo.
  5. I am thankful for air conditioners! And ice cream.
  6. That happened to me today while I was grocery shopping. I had to keep making sure I kept a distance between me and other people, because most people didn't seem to care.
  7. It's hooooot.
  8. This is so sweet!
  9. Study, work on class assignments and projects.. and I have SO many shows to watch and books to read. I'm probably going to get a head start on my spring cleaning, too. Also play board games!
  10. Yep. I went to the grocery store earlier this afternoon, and I've never seen it so busy. Hardly any bananas, bread, meat, milk, frozen vegetables or eggs, absolutely no toilet paper (I actually genuinely needed some and had to spend $30 at the dep), disinfecting wipes, paper towels or tissues, low on canned goods, no flour.. it was insane. At least my college is going to stay closed until March 30th. I have a lot of assignments and projects to catch up on.
  11. COVID-19: Quebec to close all daycares, schools, CEGEPS and universities for at least two weeks - Stay safe and healthy, everyone <3
  12. I hope everyone is safe and healthy! <3
  13. boo