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  1. I was in a remote area, I had to travel to the next village to have access to the net. Would go down once a week and catch up on everything including the Habs games.
  2. the calls will go our way when the officials know for sure that the Canadiens have absolutely no chance to make the playoffs.
  3. I really believe these are not "mistakes", the refs know what they're doing. Canadiens won too many Stanleys, and the refs, the disciplinary comity's and the executives running the league will make sure that it will be a long time before they even come close to winning another one. This is how I feel.
  4. Holding the stick, slew foot on Gally, Cassian crosschecks Dumont in the face, Pk gets a hard crosscheck in the face the other night with both refs looking, no call. I'm getting fed up of these refs.
  5. MT better speak up and criticize the refs cause if he doesn't this will gone on forever! Take the fine dammit!!!
  6. Excellent GDT FH! I think you summed it up very well. Our top players have to perform, PERIOD! They get paid the big bucks and they should at least give it 110% every time they are on the ice. That's all i ask for.....
  7. I think Subban told Pacioretty to sit down when he was screaming at him
  8. I have a feeling the calls are going to be one sided once again
  9. I hope Gionta shows a little spunk and leads by example. He's looked a little disinterested in the last dozen games.
  10. Nice segment on Gallagher on Hockey Night in Canada. Parents must be damn proud! Great kid!!
  11. That's a winning GDT beaubie! Weber looks like he's in the lineup....I wonder who he's replacing?
  12. I just heard that Neil said that their goal is to make PK and Markov's life miserable during this series. Gallagher replied by saying " whatever they do to PK, we will do to Karlsson, and whatever they do to Markov we will do to Gonchar. I JUST LOVE THIS KID!!!!!
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