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  1. george orwell- very good choice. excellent writer. (un choix tres bon(?) bien(?) un ecrivant tres excellante.) mon fraincais est affreux non? il faut lire orwell quand il ecrit en burma aussi.. je pense.
  2. false, but i used to and should again. you mix a banana in orange juice with some wheat germ or so, add a splash of pinapple juice for flavor and you have an energy drink that has short, medium and long term digestable proteins that keeps you going even if you miss lunch. the person below thinks baseball can be watched if your team is in first place.
  3. its not only that he plays hard, which is terrific, but living on lake michigan has taught me one thing- that waves are interchangeable which difficulty and "attitude" as michigan is really harder to read and more dangerous than the ocean- the waves have at least seven varieties going at the same time- its not a place one wants to be out canoeing. glen is admirable in that he has no questions going about what is going to hit him at any moment- he has the experience and skill in one pocket and takes it to the ice with "captain's quarters" of a stand for himself. very respectful- though he may not have all the talent in the world- he certainly has respect for the game and the players.
  4. j'ai lu collapse of the third republic by shirer y une biographie de charles de gaulle y maintenant je suis fou. ma famille peut-etre? mes idees sont completement different, de plus ou moins.
  5. armstrong found him with his head down in back of the net, and put him wobblily. how dirty the hit was is open to debate, as it is a very rough game. personally i found the hit one that could only happen from a player with a nasty attitude to get into position for such a hit in the first place, but according the the rules of the game it was clean to my mind. my point is looking at the picture of muller and mab discussing something on habs inside out- well let's just say i don't have any less of a problem with muller than i had before the game started- and i'm for dumping kirk.
  6. saying pleks "a martele" (hammered) sounds a bit out of charater to me at least.
  7. i pretty much expected a whole lot of attitude discussion. attitude? you want to hear attitude? montreal doesn't even have thouroughbred racing. it has HARNESS racing. no wonder the whole city talks about "attitude."
  8. maybe he's waiting for his linemates to move towards him to show he's got kovy's moves- which sure would be laughable, but i just can't figure this out. up? down? lol. its nuts. the other thing is that really i haen't seen the games, so.. but i don't think we can make the same generalizations about sk as most of the rest of the team. he is kind of more leggy from the knee down than say gionta or so.
  9. i think i've said this before, but going back to the order in which russians were picked in the 1998 draft- i'm not sure we understand russians even yet- but its going to be more and more useful to.
  10. http://www.prosportsdaily.com/comments/sak...cks-274828.html every time one mentions money with the habs- one should remember that in the states money is more like the power of god or something. it just carries more weight than in canada. saku took pains up in montreal for perfect or not and fans should have travailed up to see him. i don't feel real good about this. its sort of like how i feel about johnson the president- once he gave up the office he really changed- the responsibilites of vietnam crushed him. but this is about travelling by ship through the great lakes up to montreal, its sort of like the culture tour of europe that rich people had to do from boston and such back in the day. the states just hasn't caught up to our canadian allies. it's not all consuming guilt, and i'll get through it (heh), but trust me its real.
  11. i'm a little more intransegent on this issue than you or weeps for the reason that i'm willing to risk the purported reputation of the team to be a little more sure of my recovery times from injuries, both mental and physical. boredom due to injuries is stiffling, and when one factors in that along with the time lost to coaching for an underdeveloped player centering the 4th line, i just let it go. and it isn't as if we didn't change coaches in hamilton, so i'm entitled to a comment i think.
  12. we watch chopped a lot (if you get that), but i have to say cooking the way they do amazes me to no end. first i don't really care for ethnic food, second i can imagine what something like they do costs, and third they pick the wrong winner, but heck- if you have to cook you might as well enjoy it.
  13. but think about it: this is only to point out if there are stress lines between bg and carbonneau, and i'd be surpirsed if some aren't developing.
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