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  1. the highlight of season 2 was defenitely david palmer for me, hes just so awesome I mean hes impulsive and cool tony almeida is probably my favorite character on the show after bauer and palmer, he just has such a cool personality kim bauers story wasnt given enough importance IMO jack is just a badass you cant hate the reason i liked season 1 better is because of teri bauer and nina myers those 2 characters were rly great I knew somehting was fishy wiith nina when her name appeared from the key card or something and then the twist at the end as for teri, her and kim had that chemistry and I love how she defended herself against Kevin Carroll but the important thing is elisha cuthbert is in both of those seasons looking forward to watching season 3
  2. Toy Story 3: 9/10 the best of the bunch if you ask me...even if it was more than a decade late Hot Tub Time Machine: 7/10 it had its moments 24 Season 1: 9/10 perfect balance of action, drama and not to mention all the plot twists 24 season 2: 8/10 less good than season 1 but still good LOTR 1 (saw it for the first time this year, yes i know im like 7-8 years late): 9/10 just so epic and awesome
  3. recently, I've been watching the new futurama episodes and they are pretty good I also downloaded seasons 1 and 2 of 24 this show is awesome!! Pros: Elisha Cuthbert Jack Bauer (the main character) is a badass Real-Time is awesome Characters each have their own personality The vilains are really cool Unexpected plot twists Cons: Sometimes Predictable Vilains can be somewhat stupid I recommend every one watch that show, it's intutive and really fun to watch...too bad it's over oh well, they still left me with 8 seasons and a movie
  4. born in september '93...couple of months after the last cup
  5. first time posting here so here are all the movies I recently saw: Law Abiding Citizen 8/10 Butler with a great performance Coach Carter 9/10 Jackson's best performance of his CAREER Alice in Wonderland 4/10 Depp is good as always as is Helena Bonham Carter good effects but nothing more Avatar 10/10 Do I even need to say why? 40 Year Old virgin 8/10 Hilarious Superbad(for the 10 millionth time) 9/10 Never get tired of this movie so funny The Hangover 9.5/10 What a movie really awesome The Love Guru 6/10 It's funny but very childish Bon Cop, Bad Cop 8/10 Great movie; not perfect, but great Pour Toujours, Les Canadiens (Bought the DVD) 7/10 I saw the premiere at the Bell and when I watched the DVD it was still good. Good at being what it is: A tribute to the habs history Not the best story, not the best acting but still good Grandma's Boy 7/10 One of the best stoner films Harold and Kumar: White Castle 9/10 THE BEST stoner film ever Harold and Kumar: Guantanamo Bay 8/10 Not as good as the first but good Finding Forrester 9/10 Saw it in class, really inspirational and just a awesome movie Couples Retreat 7.5/10 I liked it even though a lot of people didin't: you just gotta lay back and enjoy Iron Man (1) 9/10 2nd greatest superhero film ever made after The Dark Knight (I know i'm 2 years late) I'll be watching The Blind Side, Changeling, Lord of the Ring trilogy, A History of Violence, Downfall (a film about hitler's last few months), Any Given Sunday (a football film with Al Pacino) and more So I have a lot of movies to watch and final exams to pass
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