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  1. False... I've dated some real clowns, but they didn't scare me The poster below me is Clues
  2. False...but I will have to go someday... The poster below me has no idea what the abbreviation I.T.A.B. stands for.
  3. False...socks don`t look good with a skirt. The poster below me has the same tailor as Don Cherry...yikes..
  4. True...laughter is the best medicine. The poster below cried himself to sleep after the Habs were eliminated.
  5. False. The poster below me shaves his chest
  6. The Wrestler was good 9 / 10 although I spent too much time focusing on what Mickey Rourke did to his face Law Abiding Citizen 8/10 my kind of revenge...Gerald Butler is sexy too....It's ok...I'm a chick...
  7. Shutter Island 9 / 10....Alfred Hitchcock type film...
  8. True. The poster below is hoping Hal Gill becomes Captain
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