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  1. I've really been wondering about the whole autograph signing for a while... Why didn't he just take the signing outside? I mean, maybe there was more involved, like he had to go, or something, but I would have gone outside and signed autographs there, if I were him ...But, anyway... Thank you, Jaro, for everything. Good luck in St. Louis
  2. Wouldn't that be golden? I'd be happy with it
  3. I read that wrong the first time. Came out to something completely different But to be more on topic, Jaro looks really different in those pads
  4. Maybe we should call him Wing then. Makes him sound fast and sounds less derogatory.
  5. Now, if he puts up 19, do we round it off, or are you safe?
  6. The way I see it is that Price' salary was 850,000$ on an entry level contract, which is all they can offer him when they do. Now he's going into his first Free Agent contract, so other things can play into how much he ends up being worth, like his draft position, and his previous seasons. Despite all the heat he takes, he still does have pretty respectable stats, especially when you figure he's only 22
  7. Well, if you're thinking that I'm going where a lot of people in this thread were going, then no. Don't worry about that. Just noticed that odd coincidence, and felt like bringing it up.
  8. I just noticed that AA has stolen the starting job from both Gerber and Aebischer(sp?) in his career and both are Swiss goalies who've played at the Olympics(at the same time, too). Odd coincidence :S
  9. If he can get back into the form he had when he had just got here, maybe, just maybe, he can pass that
  10. According to the Official Site, Auld has chosen to don #35.
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