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  1. Anyone have anymore news on this guy???
  2. Keep Your Head Up Kid:The Don Cherry Story - 8/10 Great look at Cherry's career before Coaches Corner. Written by his son, the scenes where he is playing for Eddie Shore are great. Definitely a great watch...even if you hate Cherry as a sportscaster.
  3. Isn't that movie for 10 year olds? That would explain the not funny part
  4. False, I want Halak to come back with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. The poster below me thinks it's "fun and exciting" to watch the Habs give up 50+ shots a game.
  5. Forgot Favorite Habs Memory....Probably Desjardins scoring the hat trick winner against the Kings in 93!! The sound bite alone gives me chills.
  6. Username: Feels A Little Like 93 Real Name: Chris Live: Ottawa Born: Ottawa Age: 31 Favourite Current Hab: Markov (Heart of a Lion) Favourite All time Hab: So many to pick from......Naslund, Koivu, Roy, BELIVEAU I was one of the smart ones who decided not to bail out when the Sens came to town and I have been ridiculed every day since then. How many cups has Ottawa won since they returned??? Oh Yeah, ZERO, so Shut Up until they do something:P Anyway, I like what Gainey has done, the Gomez contract is a bit big for my liking but I understand why he did it and it looks like Gomer is playing better with his new line mates so I am happy. GO HABS!!!
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