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  1. Its an interesting start for Halak, letting in some rookies score on him, except Jones. It'll be interesting to see who will score on price, an NHLer or a rookie.
  2. Welcome to the Habs, I'll be looking forward to see how you play with the Habs. Anyone know if he has played with any of the players on the roster? Seems to me, PG is signing players who already has some chemistry to atleast 1 player on the roster.
  3. I would've accepted a pay cut if I were given 1 way contract to play as Hab for the whole season. 500k isn't much of a pay cut, he'll make more than he did last season which was a 2 way deal 65k while he was playing in Hamilton half of the season. It's more like a guaranteed 500k even if he was sent to AHL which I don't think he'll be sent at all. I think Pyatt is gonna put up more points this season, he got alot of confidence by those late season scoring.
  4. Well he is the Right Wing for the job
  5. I hope those boxing lessons and training pan out this season and maybe he'll drop the gloves in a while to show he ain't all talk, but I still don't mind him just talking. Always great to watch him when he's working hard at what he does.
  6. I hope he stands up to his word to growing more muscles and working on his game at the beginning of the season. If he'll be more effective than AK, I'll be happy with that.
  7. $900,000 RFA status when his contract ends? Good deal! Hope Lapierre will show more of his offensive side this season.
  8. Good deal! I thought he maybe looking for something just about over 1m, but this is a great signing, means we give Price all the room necessary to sign and still make a trade with some salary heading to our way. Glad Lapierre finally re-sign, another season looking forward to watch Lapierre the entertainer.
  9. Nothing better than watch Lapierre make such an impact with only using his mouth to the opposition. I really think Lapierre will break out this up coming season, with new centers and younger players, I think him being on the same line will help his numbers alot more than being on the same line with Latendresse last season.
  10. Misery 8/10 It was on after Sunday's game loss, coincidence?
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