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  1. [11 ] Colby Armstrong [23 ] Nathan Beaulieu [ 24] Mike Blunden [19 ] Francis Bouillon [ 18] Rene Bourque [17 ] Peter Budaj [16 ] David Desharnais [14 ] Raphael Diaz [ 30] Davis Drewiske Not sure who that is lol. [ 25] Gabriel Dumont [4 ] Lars Eller [6 ] Alexei Emelin [ 3] Alex Galchenyuk [ 1] Brendan Gallagher [15 ] Brian Gionta [ 12] Josh Gorges [ 20] Jeff Halpern [28 ] Tomas Kaberle [10 ] Andrei Markov [27 ] Travis Moen [ 13] Max Pacioretty [29 ] Greg Pateryn [5 ] Tomas Plekanec [ 7] Carey Price [ 9] Brandon Prust [ 21] Michael Ryder [2 ] P.K. Subban [8 ] Jarred Tinordi [ 22] Yannick Weber [ 26] Ryan White
  2. - Subban: A+ Beast. Always excited to see him on the ice. - Markov: B- Can he stop losing the puck all the time? Other than that, awesome year. - Emelin: B+ Impact player. The team broke into pieces after he got injured. - Plekanec: A Best forward since forever. - Gallagher: A- Pleasant surprise. - Eller: B+ Not a dominant player yet. He's a 3rd line center IMO, unless of course, he keeps on improving. - Pacioretty C Sure, the points are there... but for me, he was invisible all season long. - Bourque: C+ He's not the best player around. - Galchenyuk: A- He's a promising player. He will be a star for sure. - Gionta: C Not really my favorite player. But he's alright. - Moen: C- Huh. - Desharnais: C- He should be playing better than that. Him and Pacman. - Armstrong: C At least he's funny off-ice lol.
  3. The Habs clearly has the advantage here. With 10 players over 20 points, (Sens have 4 lol.), we can expect a different player to stand up each night instead of putting all the pressure on a single player. It's still going to be a tough series though. The Habs like to give heart attacks.
  4. As a contract, it's not bad at all. DD is worth that much for most NHL teams (maybe a bit less IMO). But for the Habs... yeah I agree. It's a bit questionable. We have too many centers that have a better potential than him.
  5. This team doesn't have any player that stands out. Therrien did a goodjob managing 9 second-line players (some are borderline first-line players. But you get the idea. We don't have an elite forward... yet). IMO, we only had 1 true elite forward in recent years ............... BEAST MODE Andrei Kostitsyn Oh and I really liked how he dealt with the Ryan White case.
  6. This guy really should practice his shot! I know it's not his role, but he's always there in the right place and at the right moment!
  7. I just saw the first period... and boy was he lazy. He's had 2 bad seasons in his career, and I think this one is going to be his third lol. And we can't expect him to bounce back in the playoffs. He ain't Cammalleri in that category.
  8. Yeah, Bouillon is fine. He's far from the reason why we lost tonight. It always takes some frustration away when he hits someone hard But I agree. I think Tinordi will complete this team really nicely. But I REALLY doubt he's NHL ready anytime soon.
  9. Honestly, the less you score, the more pressure their is on the defence. This team isn't scoring. So far, Gionta, Pacman, Cole, Desharnais aren't producing enough. Aside from Desharnais, the 3 others are 25-35 goals/season players. I don't understand how all 3 of them can't score.
  10. Eller still has a lot to learn and hasn't proven anything yet. For now, Desharnais is still, in my opinion, a solid center. He's not the biggest or most complete center.. but you can at least expect him to produce points. However, in two years, the team won't have enough space for Plekanec, Desharnais, Eller and Galchenyuk. Pleky will stay for sure. Galchenyuk is the future. The other two will likely leave the team.
  11. Yeah he was flying all night xD But he kept missing his shots. Ironic how his miss shot led to a goal lol
  12. I completely forgot about this guy. So I herd once he gets healthy, he'll replaced Gallagher. hm?
  13. If the depth is getting better... I wonder why we keep losing =/
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