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  1. Et va faire apprendre quelques trucs de plus à Subban et Weber!
  2. Now I understand better why we obtained Bournival for him.
  3. Maybe Halpern is becoming an inconsistent player...
  4. Don't worry, Auld should get more starts as our path to the playoffs clears up.
  5. If Powe got suspended for, say, five games, that would send the cheesepuffs a clear message that they mustn't continue with their excessively rough play, that they should tone down some.
  6. The day where the Avs are going to play Montreal we will benefit from his constant coughing up the puck.
  7. So that you may cough up the puck more often?
  8. I'd be happy if we somehow got 40 points out of Halpern. For how much would we re-sign Halpern?
  9. He could find himself on the first PK should Plekanec, Gomez or Moen get injured.
  10. In which case he will have to cease coughing up the puck on the PK.
  11. How would you see Pyatt as a D-man?
  12. I have nothing against Pyatt but Pyatt looks out of place with Gomez and Colonel Sanders (Gionta.) If Pouliot scored consistently, we will finally be feasting on chicken wings!
  13. Pouliot has finally scored!
  14. Why did they connect this board with the rest of the NHL system?

  15. 2nd liner? Most likely if Moen or someone on the 2nd line gets injured. He could very well turn out to be another Pacioretty...