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  1. Et va faire apprendre quelques trucs de plus à Subban et Weber!
  2. Maybe Halpern is becoming an inconsistent player...
  3. Don't worry, Auld should get more starts as our path to the playoffs clears up.
  4. If Powe got suspended for, say, five games, that would send the cheesepuffs a clear message that they mustn't continue with their excessively rough play, that they should tone down some.
  5. I'd be happy if we somehow got 40 points out of Halpern. For how much would we re-sign Halpern?
  6. He could find himself on the first PK should Plekanec, Gomez or Moen get injured.
  7. In which case he will have to cease coughing up the puck on the PK.
  8. How would you see Pyatt as a D-man?
  9. I have nothing against Pyatt but Pyatt looks out of place with Gomez and Colonel Sanders (Gionta.) If Pouliot scored consistently, we will finally be feasting on chicken wings!
  10. Why did they connect this board with the rest of the NHL system?

  11. Peut-être que Pouliot a amélioré sa fabrication de jeux...
  12. I would have used that nickname only if he scored consistently. Otherwise I would have not used any nickname...
  13. Mais, au nombre de saisons qu'il a joué dans la LNH, il doit savoir qu'il ne doit pas trop en jouer pour ne pas être fatigué vers la fin de la saison. Hamrlik c'est aussi un peu un joueur d'équipe...
  14. Eller and then Avtsin would be more likely alternates.
  15. And Pouliot gets to make us win chicken wings, thus deserving his nickname of Chicken.
  16. There are Bulldogs that have rather high odds of being called up (White, Maxwell, Avtsin, Pacioretty, Desharnais) and there are those Bulldogs that have, at best, an outside chance (Mayer, etc.)
  17. Avtsin could be called up during the season if he didn't make the big team.
  18. He is just about as good on the PK as Moore was...
  19. Pouliot! Pouliot! Pouliot! (Just warming up for the pre-season)
  20. Pyatt has also shown some promise on wing, especially... on the penalty kill.
  21. I do think that Pyatt could be a third-liner, penalty killer if Eller or Pacioretty were moved up.
  22. I'd hope that he is sufficiently recovered to make the team in the first place.
  23. J'espère que non. Seul l'avenir nous le dira par contre.
  24. Ce que j'aime le plus de Pyatt c'est son penalty kill...
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