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  1. False. It's one of my favourite chores actually.

    The poster below me has been involved in a snowball fight.

    True. I'm no kid anymore,,,BUT,,,gotta have the odd snowball fight.

    The poster below remembers Steve Penney, Habs goalie in the 80's before Roy.

  2. True. LETS GO FLYERS!!!!


    False, Habs fan for life haha

    The poster below me is a closet Leafs fan

    False, my best friend is a leafs fan, betting with him is helping me put money away for my boy's education. With the way this year is shaping up, I might be able to put him in Harvard :lol:

    The poster below has a close friend that cheers for one of our rivals.

  3. False but I wish I was still in school there is so much more to learn today a lot of what I was taught has turned out to be wrong but I keep on learning

    The poster below wishes they were young again

    False, beleive it or not. I survived 17 once, barely, why tempt fate?! jk :)

    The poster below me graduates this year.

  4. False, Price will wreck it..... responce,,,<_<

    The poster below me likes a MLSE owned franchise :)

    False. Hard to get all worked up over a 0-0 tie :lol:

    The poster below loved Halak but has moved on and whole heartedly is cheering for Price to have a strong rebound in winning %.

  5. Kraft dinner is macoroni and cheese,not something we eat too much of in the UK here in North America it's their favorite comfort food I hate it

    GO HABS GO :D :D

    False had chicken pox as a child and shingles as an adult and you don't want to get that

    The poster below me is getting really excited rookie camp starts monday

    True, so very true. GO young Habbies Go!

    The poster below thinks the future of the Canadiens is looking great. :)

  6. So true. Can't wait!

    The poster below me dressed as a woman for Halloween at least once. (p.s. I did it once and my wife couldn't stop laughing watching me walk in high heels :lol: Never again!)

    Unfortunatly true, my mom had 6 boys and she used Halloween as a way to play dress-up. Luckily I have come a long way in therapy!

    The poster below me sent a child off to his/her 1st day of kindergarden this week. (he comes home in a half hour, hope he liked it!)

  7. nope not yet so false

    the poster below me can't believe summer is almost over

    I mean oh crap winter's coming :angry: not oh great hockey season is here! :D

    False, Carey Price's signing made it last long enough, besides it's cozy in front of the TV with the game on.

    The poster below gets alot of snow where they live, unlike Sarnia which gets less then most of Canada.

  8. true

    I think

    the poster below me recently had something to drink

    True. Double double.

    The poster below me loves to cook :D



    yea...I remember....who would ever imagine back then just how much those cards would fetch today,$$$$$$$$$.....

    I had Guy Lafleur taped around the front forks on by bike and Ken Dryden over the back relfecter...all the other kids did it!,,, and the thousands lost to the spokes, though I never did that myself!

  9. True

    Sun is an abnormality in the North of England, so rain is the normal and change is bad

    The poster below me hates rain

    False, love to sit out on the porch on rainy evenings.

    Wait, true, if I have a tee-off time.

    The poster below me has come close to a hole-in-one but like me, hasn't found the cup yet.

  10. False I love bugs they are fascinating couldn't live in the country side if you didn't like bugs,my cat like them too she spends all day chasing crickets

    The poster below me has a strange hobby

    False, puzzles and model building, pretty common enough, but I have recently been looking into making voo-doo dolls in Bruins attire.

    The poster below enjoys family picnics/reunions.

  11. true as much as possible

    the poster below me is not the poster above me

    True, the poster above you is one of a kind, I enjoy reading them, getting 'Clued in'

    The poster below doesn't think it's totally out of the realm of possibility for Max Lappy to reach the 19+ pleateau, even if they don't expect 20.

  12. Its hockey season babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :lol::D ....GO HABS!

    Poster below is planning to take in some jr.hockey this season.

    True the London Knights play the Sarnia Sting to start the season. Can't wait to see Jared in action!! :)

    The poster below me has met/got an autograph from a Montreal Canadien player.

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