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  1. False, the wife likes to be able to eat, so she does all the cooking except BBQ. The poster below me sings in the shower.
  2. False. 2 cans and some string. The poster below is a golf nut.
  3. False, I don't care what my ex wife says, false! The person below me is in love.
  4. Thanks Sounds great solo & acoustic! "Last Night of The World" by Bruce Cockburn There's a good interview with him about this album on Q TV (43mins)
  5. An American Prayer has long been my favorite Morrison work, (next to his books). I liked Morrison before I heard of that album, after..I Idolized him as mush as Lennon, Dylan and Hendrix!! Anyone who is not familar with his books, check them out!!! The Lords And New Creatures by Jim Morrison The American Night: The writings of Jim Morrison Vol I & II by Jim Morrison The American Night books were actually the scraps of Jim's writing's that Pam Corson's parents found after her death (Jim's girlfriend) and published because they wanted to allow the world to share these great poems and prose.
  6. I was fortunate enough to see Cockburn at the Imperial Theater here in Sarnia a few years back. What a voice still. I look forward to getting the new CD soon, thanks for the heads up, didn't knew he had one coming out. What a poet, and you gotta love his passion to change the world!!! ...does anybody hear the forest fall?
  7. True, unless I have to wait in line. The poster below me walks alot.
  8. True, I'm more into the bleu blanc rouge. The poster below me loves the movie: The Blues Brothers
  9. I worked maintainance at a cafe years ago, On Father's day one year Kim Mitchell came in with his son and dad. My manager allowed me to take a break and ask for his autograph. He invited me to sit with then for a coffee. Down to Earth guy!!! We mostly talked about Bob Dylan because I was going to London, ON. that weekend to see him, and his boy said Dylan was one of his favorites. I wish I had told him that he was one of my Idols as a teen, but he likely caught on to that. Double vision when the bars close down...
  10. Bayfest has really grown since it's humble beginings. Stokely, a local resturant owner who passed away last year, started the event. Each year the names get bigger and the venue gets larger. Originally it was a two day event, now it is eight days spread over two concecutive weekends. (Rock and Country). Held in Centenial Park on the Sarnia Bay, these shows are attended by over 20,000 people per show. This is amazing for our small city of 75,000. I have a friend (habs fan extraordinaire) who is part of the sound crew and one year he got me a crew pass to assist him (getting his beers). For my trouble I got to see the reunion of Max Webster up in the security row, stage center! What a blast. There is also a Labour Day Bash September 3,4 & 5, 2010. Some of the artistist attending are 54-40, The Trews, Doc Walker, Hinder, and Default. Anyone who is intrested in this show can use this link to find out more. http://www.hiawathabash.com/
  11. True... if you count the nose as bone! The poster below me is a card player.
  12. False, but I googled it, Crazy! The poster below me googles all the time.
  13. False, but a hugeeeeeeeeeee J.J. Cale fan! The poster below me plays Chess.
  14. Rogers Bayfest by the years 1999 - Sloan, Amanda Marshall, Prairie Oyster 2000 - Kim Mitchell, Loverboy, Big Wreck, David Wilcox, Moist 2001 - Collective Soul, Staggered Crossing, Tom Cochrane, Wide Mouth Mason, Treble Charger, 9 House, George Thorogood 2002 - The Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, The Guess Who, Nickelback 2003 - Blink 182, Sum 41, Barenaked Ladies, Matthew Good, Pete Yorn, Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick 2004 - Colin James, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Finger Eleven, The Spades, Death Of Eight, The Tragically Hip 2005 - 3 Doors Down, Staind, No Address, Alter Bridge, David Lee Roth, Kalan Porter, Amanda Stott, High Holy Days, Billy Talent, Kid Rock 2006 - Keith Urban, Collective Soul, Everclear, Astronaut, Gretchen Wilson, Brooks and Dunn 2007 - Nickelback, Aerosmith, Toby Keith, Def Leppard 2008 - Bon Jovi, See Spot Run, Low Level Flight, Mötley Crüe, Scarlet Sins, Revolver, Fergie, Down With Webster, Seidat, The Black Crowes, Stone River, Death Of Eight, Crash Kelly, Rascal Flatts, Daphene Darling, The Barnburners, Face 2 Face, Crystal Gage , Big & Rich ft. Cowboy Troy, Emerson Drive 2009 - Rock Weekend: Counting Crows, The Trews, KISS, Dean Lickyer, Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, Running Red Lights, Bobnoxious Country Weekend: Tim Mcgraw, Jason Blaine, Shelly Rastin, Brad Paisley, Doc Walker, Deric Ruttan 2010 - Rock Weekend: Scorpions, Cinderella, Bobnoxious, Rush, Weezer, Sam Roberts, Crash Karma Country Weekend: Keith Urban, The Road Hammers, Aaron Lines, Alan Jackson, Dean Brody, Shane Yellowbird Added Show: Black Eyed Peas, Down With Webster Great bands at Bayfest in Sarnia Ontario every summer..I'll post the 2011 line-up when it's released
  15. Robin Williams, produced by George Martin Come Together
  16. Johnny and the boys Come Together
  17. Jim Carrey, produced by George Martin.. I A'm The Walrus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb4JlcT51es
  18. I don't believe in Beatles the dream is over
  19. True...if it Getzlafs the poster below me hates the bruins and here's why...
  20. True, unless it's my turn to cook. The poster below loves dogs over cats.
  21. True..if you ask me, False if you ask anyone who's actually seen my work lol The poster below me loves poker!
  22. LE BUT Los Locass You've got me hooked on this song Ophone.....thanks le million This song is in french, but you don't need to speak french to really enjoy this great song!! ALLEZ MONTREAL
  23. False. English on both sides. The poster below BBQ's all year round (alittle snow does not stop them)
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