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  1. If your into grassroots blues, one of my favorite artists is Blind Wille McTell from the late 1920's-1940's This is what I listen to when I play poker, keeps me in an even temper! I got hooked on him in my teens and had, a rare album (before you tube lol) that I wore out! Youtube has alot of his songs, great to have access to so much.
  2. True- Old Fender acoustic. Campfire stuff. The poster below me loves fish (either kind, in the tank, or on the grill)
  3. Weird Al http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nej4xJe4Tdg ( it's late lol) It is a song by Weird Al done completely in palindromes
  4. Been doing some boxing with a trainer! ATTA BOY
  5. True. slight man crush... but I'm not letting on which one. The poster below me love practical jokes.
  6. Rick Danko from THE BAND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bHgshi2JeQ
  7. There's the race for the "Rocket" , the Calder, and now THIS! cool
  8. wow great Zappa did a ver. of "Baby please don't go" Live with Lennon. the only video I could find for it was on google, but poor quality. There is a remastered audio and it's killer. Frank Zappa is the only person in the world capable of successfully adding YOKO to vocals!! She whines like a newborn!! Zappa rocks!
  9. false: only watch news sports and movies The poster below has a Canadiens sticker on their vehicle
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NckjLDukUOc This is a killer version of "Yer blues" with Richards, Clapton and Lennon
  11. rock- Stones, Zeppelin, Doors, Jimi blues- JJ Cale, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Rick Danko easy listening- Cat Stevens, Eagles, Tracey Chapman Others- Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley The Rolling Stones edit: John Lennon will always have the deepest spot in my heart!
  12. I predict 14-15 goals, but now hoping for 20, (consult your doctor 1st)
  13. Thank you Zenya. I'll be watching.
  14. I for one have never heard of the Victoria Cup till now and I agree that it should have more exposure. I always wanted to see a tourney of some kind between the elite clubs of the different leagues. Is there a 2010 Victoria Cup? If so, I hope they make a bigger deal of it. Were either of the first two Victoria Cup Games on NA t.v.? I assume they were, but I never caught wind of it. I like that "our game" is growing around the world, and I hope an event like the Victoria Cup can expand it further.
  15. I beleive it is off the 1st Max Webster album 1975 (self titled) I have it on the 1991 "Best of Max Webster" Another favorite song of mine from that early album is "Hangover" very raw. Also "The Party" This was one of my 'theme' songs.....the early '80s what a trip! "...keep that smile on you face, this is the best offer you've had so far..We're innocent, we're neive, In the caberets we get our veins wet, in the saloons we hastle the richest guests, in the climb we're breathless above the rest..."
  16. True. But I had to google him lol. The poster below me misses " Welcome Back Kotter"
  17. I didn't do these, I got them from earlier post. They were created by sergeiknumber1fan my post was to thank them for it. I have no idea how to do them, sorry, I am new to computers, if you can believe that now-a-days lol It is basicly a poker and hockey engine for me!
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