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  1. False. I never impose limitations on others merely because they are different then most. The poster below me feels the sky's the limit no matter what 'handicap' others think you have.
  2. False One big soap opera the poster below us hooked on Tim Horton's coffee.
  3. "Master's Of War" (Eddie Vedder verson from Dylan's 30th anniversary tribute) by Bob Dylan
  4. Blind Willie McTell (the Rick Danko version) composed by Dylan. Killer peice.
  5. True- Spotrs Center The poster below thinks chocolate is a bare essential in sustaining life.
  6. false I wish, no more cutting the lawn! The poster below me has/had a strange pet.
  7. Help. No computer skills. I would love a sig with Guy Lafluer! text: "Le Démon Blond" I'd love someone to make one for me, and would be very grateful.
  8. I was born in August 1967 and the Habs won the first two cups awarded in '68 & '69. The Leafs might have held the Cup when I was born but Never won in my lifetime, na na na na, na na na na, hey HEY hey, goodbye!
  9. true, for Pittsburgh's Crosby; false for Team Canada's Crosby The poster below hates the Leafs enjoys a chance to rip on them.
  10. True, but only when the re-play doesn't catch it and the goal counts! The person below me thinks Moen is a monster on heart!
  11. I don't care if he wins, take one for the team. Once in a blue moon. I love his antics, they way he stirs the pot, but I would respect him dearly with a fat lip, and who knows, if he got in a lucky shot....
  12. Hello all. I am Razor. I first contracted 'Habititus CH' When I was young and watching a Sabres Canadiens game on TV with my Uncle in NY. I didn't much follow hockey cuz my dad was not into sports at all, But my Uncle was Huge in the 70's for the Sabres, and Hated Guy Lafleur! I was all set that night to hate this #10 fellow too, but instead was drawn in head o'er heels. At one point Buffalo led 2-1 and I started rooting for the Habs. My uncle called me a dumb *** Canuck, "Your team is up and you switch to yellin for the losers!" The Habs won 3-2 and I have never looked back. 42 now, married with a future 1st round pick starting J Kindergarden and hockey this fall. I joined the forum because I live in Sarnia, and in this city, Toronto and Detriot are the hotstove teams here. Although I love pokin at my TO friends, I need a place to brag up my Habs and to learn about them too. This this the perfect place for both. I'm alittle over-the-top with my disease, it's cronic, so some of my posts might be too romantic and wishful babblings, be warned. All my dreams are not "cloud nine" type, heck just the other night I dreamt that PK almost dropped Calder when he was handing it to his co-winner, Eller. In the dream Cammi was laughing so hard he had to put down his Rocket Richard!
  13. Perfect. Great price this year and we can do this next year too. Till then, hit em hard Lappy and keep em all hot and bothered! Let them have that silly 'lady b', you go for that Oscar-Best supporing role in a Comedy/drama. If you could too, Lappy, drop the gloves with any of them Bruins. Tussle one bear for old time MONTREAL CANADIEN HOCKEY'S sake! I promise Brother, we'll respect you in the morning.
  14. He'll mature. He'll take it up a notch this season. The young dogs are barking at his heels to get in, and with quality linemates like he has to play beside, he'll grow. Rush that net, dig them corners Benny, it only hurts a while, the W sticks all season long.
  15. Lappy is stayin! I hope he gets life!
  16. replaceable? NOW, just where can you pick up another Lappy? The energy and spirit he brought to the table at this years cup run was something else! I mean, come on, tell me you didn't jump up and scream, " That's what I'm talking about!" when lappy was puttin on the "eyeball comic show". And don't get me wrong, it was way more than entertainment. Boy that guy can get to you. His kind is a big part of why we love this sport! and to PG I chant " four more years!"
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