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  1. im pretty psyched for school as well. I'm taking a graphics course so its gonna be pretty fun. I took a gym course and i hope my teacher is a hockey fanatic! lol. last year i had a bball fanatic teacher. I hate basketball. (getting off topic lol)
  2. Thanks! Coming from you means something cause I love the Andrei Kostitsyn sig lol
  3. If anyone wants it. I haven't worked on photoshop since atleast 60days ago lol so my latest sigs won't be great
  4. New sig that i made when i came back last night from my vacation
  5. i'm hyped to see this kid in action!
  6. those are sick! When I get back from my vacation I'll start using photoshop again My latest signature is the one I'm using
  7. Username: youppipwns Real Name: Youssef Live: Toronto Born: Beirut,Lebanon Age: 16 Favourite Current Hab: Alex Kovalev Favourite All time Hab: M. (Rocket) Richard Last Words: Go Habs Go
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