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  1. wowza, it's the first time i saw this sig even though i've been through these posts a few times. this one is amazing, really good work you did for a guy like Luc! keep it up!
  2. everyone likes rock here! i like simple plan, owl city, hedley, fort minor, nickelback.. i mostly like singers, not bands.. online (french rapper), k'naan, jay-z, iyaz, jason derulo..
  3. used to watch prison break, but its done.. actually, its still on in french if you wanna check it out. grey's anatomy is great (season just finished), criminal minds is great..
  4. naah, i dont really have a certain picture..just use a nice one please and as for text, i cant really think of anything now so i'll let it be up to you cause i trust you for this so i dont want to start being picky or anything with what i want as long as its nice, i'll be fine with whatever.. not sure if this helps but my fav players are cammy, gorges and pricey
  5. really? you didnt think it was good? i saw it at the bell centre, i found it was well made and pretty interesting, although there were some very boring parts..
  6. thaanks welcome! and congrats to your soccer team
  7. really? i would love that! thaanks soooooooo much!
  8. hi, im new to the forum. my name is joanne..i've beenm a habs fan all my life (16 years) but i am also a caps fan because of Theo (i have been a fan of his since i was like 2 years old).. my fav habs players are Cammy, Gorges & Carey GO HABS GO..this is our series, our year, our cup.
  9. I NEED HELP WITH THIS!! i have no clue how to make these signatures (the pictures at the end of your messages) and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me one. i know its playoff time so it doesnt matter if you take your time. my fav players are cammy, gorges & pricey..if that helps. thanks in advance
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