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  1. Yup yup.. I just made a new one and actually, I think it's the coolest one I've ever made... the letters in his face are my copyright and the little thing written under his name is "2006 World Junior Gold Medallist"...


    wowza, it's the first time i saw this sig even though i've been through these posts a few times. this one is amazing, really good work you did for a guy like Luc! keep it up!

  2. No problem :)

    :)if there's a certain photo you'd like me to use or anything else specific you'd like (any text, certain font ect) just let me know :)


    naah, i dont really have a certain picture..just use a nice one please :P and as for text, i cant really think of anything now so i'll let it be up to you cause i trust you for this so i dont want to start being picky or anything with what i want :P as long as its nice, i'll be fine with whatever.. not sure if this helps but my fav players are cammy, gorges and pricey :)

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