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  1. The difference is Koivu is playing more of a second line role on the Ducks. That is probably where he belongs anyway. Who expected Plekanec to rebound with a strong season this years after he couldn't seem to do anything last year? Most people wanted him gone and there may still be some who would like it because he is considered to soft for the playoffs.
  2. I feel they made the change because their top players were getting older and Bob needed to try and save his job. Bob couldn't afford to take a chance that the players would rebound this year. He had to get younger replacements to try and revitalize hope in the teams ability to win. So far it's not working out, but he tried. Of course there is still a long way to go in the season. I'm following Kovy more then the Habs at the moment, but I never liked the Gomez trade. He is not the elite center the team was looking for and he is way overpriced. People always complained about Kovy being overpriced, but he is nothing compared to Gomez most years.
  3. Strangely last years team was no much different from the team that finished in first the year before. The only differences were no pressure of centennial year, Kovalev playing with a lot of confidence on the powerplay, Plekanec/Andrei K/Sergei K playing great, and Streit on the powerplay. The team really shouldn't have been so bad but they seemed very fragile last year and everything fell apart.
  4. I believe sports is a bit blown out of proportion these days. There are a lot more important things in the world, but we hold athlete's and movie stars on a pedestal and pay them lots of money. IMO it doesn't matter if Koivu has the stats of a great player. If it's important to some people to have him acknowledged for the many years he spent as a Hab then I don't see any harm in doing so. He did put in a lot of time and effort during a bad period of Habs hockey where the management didn't do a whole lot to make the team better. Heck you could argue the Habs are still not moving in the right direction. They bring in more really small finesse players instead of trying to build through some top end players that have some grit to their game. Koivu at least played with grit to his game even though he was a small guy.
  5. The core was getting pretty old. The only guy I'm surprised he didn't bring back is Tanguay who was signed for really cheap. The rest of the players wanted to come back, but in reality Saku and Kovalev are both better off on their current teams at they don't have to be the number one/two offensive players and they don't have to be the leaders either. The Habs have a younger core to work with so it seemed to work out for everyone.
  6. That would be tuff even though Chara is a very good defenseman. It's like that guy you hated for years coming over to your side. All of a sudden you are supposed to like the guy. There has to be someone else who is a good defenseman, but isn't hated as much. How about Bouwmeester?
  7. Lets wait and see what the team is. There cold be a lot of new players playing for the Habs next year.
  8. This is the first game I question some of his moves with the lines. He took Lats off the Koivu line and put him with the Pleks unit on the PP and moved Higgens over to that unit. The biggest thing I didn't like was late in the game he took a timeout (which is good), but then he didn't put all of his top players on the ice for the PP even though the Habs needed a goal. With one minute left in the game again he didn't put his best players on the ice. I don't mind losing, but I'd prefer to lose with the best offensive players out there. To me that would be Lang/Koivu/Kovalev/Tanguay/Markov and an extra skater. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like one of those no brainer type of moves.
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