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  1. Chelski are the best in the prem by a mile, they have now added something they needed in Sheva just when United gave away their best forward, I think Chelsea will win the title by about 7 points.
  2. If they go down Inter Milan will walk it next year.
  3. IN a follow up to Ronaldo saying he wanted to leave Man Utd. They have told sky sports news that they expect him to honour his ocntract
  4. The biggest rivalries in world football are: Celtic v Rangers (due to religion and many people have died because of the team they supports) Boca v River Plate. This is a mad rivalry!
  5. most weeks i watch them play. Just because they score lots of goals doesn't mean they play attractive football. I suppose it is a subjective thing though. Many people wouldn't like the way my team (Wigan) play.
  6. Milan are the New Jersey of football? boring boring football? Liverpool are the most boring team I have ever seen play football. They are so defensive and yawnsome its untrue! Italian football is generally perceived to be boring cos it is the most technical league in the world and tactics play a great deal. Spanish and English leagues are perceieved to be the most entertaining as Spanish is full of flair and the English game is played at 100 miles an hour and with bucketloads of passion.
  7. Arsenal will beat Juventus, Juve have got about 5 or 6 players missing. I won't say Juve are dead and buried, but if Arsenal get the first goal thne it is guaranteed for them. Only time i will ever say this: C'mon Arsenal!!!!!
  8. I don't like Arsenal much but I am supporting them in the CHampions League as they are the only English team......Well they are based in England :roll:
  9. Wigan athletic are the best!! http://pub.tv2.no/multimedia/na/archive/00...__H_215354c.jpg
  10. Diamonds r 4ever by kanye west Dont usually like rap but Kanye is cool!!!!
  11. Which current habs player do you think will have their shirt retired. i think it will be koivu or theodore
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