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  1. Great discussion guys & gals. Put me down for Zadina or Svetch, whichever one is left to us. I always think that you have to go with the BPA. You must get any player of top end talent when the chance presents itself - it is never the wrong move. As for our center needs, I'd rather we acquire 2 half decent centers versus signing anyone as a free agent for a ridiculous sum for 8 years. (Tavares) Bozak anyone?
  2. Like you, I believe the honor should be Markov's, although he did disappear in the /08 playoffs, not really what you want from a leader. I guess the big question is WHO is going to be here next season. We all love Saku but you know what - at 4.75 mill. I would be looking elsewhere. It's going to be an interesting summer for sure!
  3. Hi Leigh, hope all is going well with you in these tough times!

  4. Hi Bud, hope things are going well and those Manitoba skeeters are leaving yah alone! lol

  5. Happy B'Day "petiet potat".

    Hope you had a great day!

  6. Welcome to the forum Ben, it's always nice to have a source of cheap beer when away on a Southern excursion. I might just take you up on it someday -lol!
  7. Username : Habulator Real Name : Don Age : 45 Live : Annapolis Valley, N.S. Born : Wolfville, N.S. All time Fave Hab : The Roadrunner - Yvan Cournoyer Current Fave : Steve Begin
  8. Hey Habs fans, introduce yourselves here. Welcome to the new improved Canadiens Forums !
  9. In reply to Swansee - Lemaire in my opinion pushed Guy out. #22 Steve Shutt held the NHL record for left wingers with 60 goals from 1977 onwards until Lucky Luc broke the record with 63 back in 92/93 Steve deserves his moment in the sun !
  10. # 19 Larry Robinson - along with Guy Lafleur should never have had to pull another sweater over his head besides the CH Hopefully # 12 Have expressed my views on the Roadrunner repeatedly - no need to do it again Third choice Who was the first left winger in the game to score 60 goals in a season ?
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