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  1. Finally got around to watching Bon Cop, Bad Cop - not bad, I'll give it a 7/10. I think you have to be a passionate canadian hockey fan to really get it - but I am, so I did!
  2. The question should be: Who would you rather have on our first line, Pleks or Gomez? I'll take Pleks, thankyouverymuch. Then I would be most delighted to have Koivu on our second line. Unfortunately, if we hadn't traded for Gomez, would Cammalleri be here? Probably not. And Gionta? Unlikely. Would Higgins still be here? Probably. Would the Habs be a better team than last year? Ummmm...no.
  3. Up until the 18:36 mark of the first period against the Islanders I still wasn't quite sure why we acquired this guy, but then I saw the light...specifically, the little red one right behind Biron. That was a bullet!
  4. I think after that hit, Bergeron forgot he was even carrying a stick - if it hadn't made a noise when it hit the ice to remind him, he might have skated off without it.
  5. His debut was less-than-stellar. What I can't understand is how did he not see Armstrong coming?! I "replayed the replay" over and over again, and just before Bergeron got the puck he looked up right in the direction Armstrong came from! Dude, he wasn't coming over to give you a hug and welcome you back to the NHL...
  6. I have a 16-yr-old brown tabby cat. However, he's 18 1/2 lbs, so he may qualify as two cats!
  7. Did exactly the same thing! "Why the hell is Metropolit out there?!" And about a minute later, "Oh. Ummmmm...okay then."
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