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  1. Let's not forget this was a team who finished in last place last season. Just to get to where they are now is great. But they still go as far as Price takes them.
  2. I will agree that they are offensively challenged. I think they could have gotten more out of the Subban trade than they did.
  3. I got to see the Habs play the Red Wings last night, and I saw some things the Canadiens need to do moving forward. They appear to have solved (for now) their size and toughness. However, they still need to add a couple (maybe three) goal scorers. And someone told me earlier this season that Montoya was doing a good job as a substitute. And I can agree with that, based on what I saw last night. I also think they could use another breakout defenseman - someone who can initiate an offense out of their own zone. But in all fairness, both teams were tired, with the Canadiens playing three out of four nights, and two of those were against Ottawa. And the Red Wings were playing back-to-back nights. It is quite hard to gauge the State of the Habs based on this game. My only opportunities to see the Canadiens this season were the games against Detroit. And they play again in the next-to-last game at Joe Louis Arena. I hope to see the Habs more in the playoffs.
  4. My gut feeling here is the Habs need to find someone to be a reliable backup to Price. Price carries most of the load, and I think that has something to do with his current situation. I think he may be tired more than anything else. I see Jimmy Howard as a potential answer. They need to give Price a break once in awhile. When Price went down last season, they had no backup at all - just in name only. And they tanked very quickly. A competent backup would help things immensely.
  5. I like the Julien hire. You've got a coach who has won a Stanley Cup. I would think at the end of the season, once all is said and done, that if Julien is still around, I think he'd want to pick his own assistants. As far as Gallant goes, I am very surprised the Red Wings have not contacted him yet. He starred for the Wings, and I'm sure he would be welcomed back there. Jeff Blashill has not done a thing for them. They will likely miss the playoffs.
  6. I got to see most of the game. It was a defensive struggle (but I'll give both teams credit - they tried to keep up the offense at all times). A freak goal won the game for the Red Wings. I just love listening to Mickey Redmond - he has both Detroit and Montreal ties.
  7. It didn't look all too clean to me. And I'm a Canadiens fan. Not badmouthing anyone here, but I saw a different Emelin than a lot of people saw. When one of the Red Wing TV announcers who by the way is a former Hab says it, I tend to agree with him. And Mickey Redmond played in an era when hockey could be quite dirty. He played against a very rough Boston team and the Broad Street Bullies. I think Redmond got it right.
  8. I think Karen Newman still sings the anthems for the Red Wings. And she's starting to get up there, but she is definitely good looking.
  9. I got to see the Habs last night (going back and forth between them and the Western Kentucky rout of Marshall football. When I did watch the Habs game, and saw what a war it was going to be, I spent even more time watching the Habs. Happy to see the Habs win in overtime. Three things I noticed that are of concern to me: It still looks to me like they depend on Price to win games for them. That occurred last night. He stopped a lot of shots most other goaltenders would not have been able to. The Red Wings actually had the better of it in shots on goal. Another thing was that it looked like the new players have given them more bounce to the ounce. They have a high energy level. I just wish Emelin would concentrate more on hockey. He is definitely enough of a physical presence to play a tough-clean game.
  10. It sure would have been nice last night. I really wanted to watch Michigan, Marshall and the Habs play simultaneously.
  11. Again, this is what worries me. They got off to a fast start last year and then Price went down. Then they went into a tailspin they could not recover from. However, the new guys on this club appear to have brought some life to the team. What has happened to Pacioretty? I don't see him too much in the goal scoring column of late. Just so everyone knows, I got the Canadiens app so I have a better idea of what's going on. I wish there was some way I could listen on my smart phone or computer. And I see Galchenyuk has performed better so far than I've seen him before. I'm still really concerned about the goalie situation, though. Even with the changes, I'm worried that they could go into another slide again. It does bother me that they play so much of a defensive style. I wonder if this is really an attempt to help protect the goalie, or just because his coaching style is not a good fit for his players. Probably both. I wish the Habs had kept Gerard Gallant. The other thing that concerns me is despite the hot start, they hit a major speed bump against Columbus. That's the part that makes me believe that if Price gets hurt again, that they will go through the same problems as last year. And Tampa Bay is still a good team. And with Plekanec and Markov slowing down, depth could become a big issue, and soon. Okay, I'm not trying to be negative here. I'm just expressing an honest opinion.
  12. I hope this does a better job of remembering one's login info so one can enter easier.
  13. I just downloaded the Canadiens app, but how can I get the audio feed from somewhere other than And hopefully for free?
  14. I just wish they had a couple more guys who can put the puck in the net. Scoring has been their Achilles heel for several years now. And it reared its ugly head when Price got hurt. I know the Red Wings were at least considering moving Jimmy Howard, and I thought at the time that the Habs should try to get him. He would have been a veteran backup for Price, which is exactly what the Habs need now in net.
  15. This is way different than a lot of people have been posting, but I think the Habs should consider Jimmy Howard. He had the same problem in Detroit that all Habs goalies except the one named Price have had - a defense that collapses in front of them. I think Howard would be a competent backup for Price. To be honest with everyone, I like the Weber / Subban trade. Subban has lots of offensive ability and was tough on defense. But it seemed to me that he felt that the had to carry the entire load. And unfortunately, the stories about his fights with teammates are true. It was starting to head in a bad direction. Is Weber a better defenseman than Subban? No. But I like the emphasis the Habs are putting on toughness and talent. And Weber has both, and his style of game ages well.