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  1. I hope to see some hockey at this time, too. In my posts, I felt that there was no way this would happen, even though I did post stories that hinted that hockey could restart.
  2. I think Price is counting his money from that absurd contract.
  3. If he is still anywhere near what he was when he was with the Habs.
  4. Remember him? He got the Habs into the Eastern Conference Finals several years ago. He's been bouncing around the league ever since.
  5. How about Standing Room Only?
  6. You can be rest assured that if one player gets tested positive for the Coronavirus during any part of the NHL"s return, that the league will close immediately. I think the NHL season is over, and the playoffs, too.
  7. The first story I posted said there would be a three-week training camp before the season starts again. Also, they said that the games would be played in certain cities, and without fans. I would think they would do this in those cities that were not that hard hit. I did carefully say that they could possibly, not that they would, start the season. I don't think June or July hockey would fly anyway. Too much competition from other sports whose seasons are normally in the summer.
  8. I found this story, and it appears that hockey could be starting back up in June with three-week mini-camps. More, here, but not a total confirmation: And yet more: NHL's position so far:
  9. I just found out the Missouri is the first state in the US to file a lawsuit against the Chinese for its handling of the corona virus. You can bet the house that Michigan will not be far behind, considering what a mess our state government and our governor is. Gretchen Whitmer will stop at nothing. And the people of Michigan are very angry at her handling of this.
  10. It looks like the PGA Tour will be getting back soon. They have released their revised schedule.
  11. I dis see Pat Stapelton play.
  12. The NFL is going that route.
  13. I am not surprised. This is probably to make sure the remote system works prior to the actual draft.
  14. He kicked his record-setting field goal against the Detroit Lions in 1970. A current Lion, Matt Prater, kicked one of 64 yards while he played for the Denver Broncos. There has been lots of speculation since about how much the thinner air in Denver helped that kick.
  15. He was in the same backfield as Jim Brown. The Browns then got the ill-fated Ernie Davis.