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  1. Here is the latest from Basketball Friday Night. More MU Report coming soon. Sorry for not being around more lately. I have been that busy at night with Basketball Friday Night, as I compile scores every day for the high schools in WV. Enjoy! I do not get on the air, but I work behind the scenes compiling scores for the show and during the week. It has been very rewarding.
  2. Last I saw, just before I turned this game on my computer, the Leafs were leading the Caps at the second intermission 3-2 on a Matthews power-play goal. It's now Toronto 5 and the Caps 2.
  3. Being in grad school, it hasn't been easy for me to keep up. I promise everyone that I will never jump off the Habs bandwagon and have been a fan since I was a boy. I'm happy to see what is taking place. it's just that the last few seasons have been very difficult to watch. I have even done three presentations that have involved Maurice Richard on some capacity.
  4. Is Price getting his confidence back? That would really make a difference.
  5. Actually, I caught the tail end of it, and was disappointed. But they were tired after playing some games back-to-back.
  6. Any idea for the reason why the Habs are playing much better these days? I will never jump off the Habs bandwagon, but I thought this might be a very rough year. To see them playing well in January is very hopeful. And just before the All-Star break.
  7. Coyotes have played 3 games in 4 nights. They may be the tired ones tonight.
  8. I just found out the Habs are playing tonight and turned it on.
  9. Thanks Habs1952. I never thought of it that way. I pretty much figured that the NHL and in many cases the NBA team would get first dibs on scheduling before all the other events. But I see now that they cannot always wait for the team's schedule before other events are booked.
  10. At least I got to listen to the end of this one along with all of you.
  11. Anybody looking forward to the NHL All-Star game? At this point, the game is anticlimatic. I like the skills competition better now. No defense played in the game. Boring.
  12. NHL permits too much scheduling where teams play back-to-back games on several occasions. And look at what is happening now.
  13. I just got back from the Marshall basketball game and just turned the game on. Sounds like things are not going good. I thought this game was on NBCSN? It's not on.
  14. Please wish me well on my new internship adventure. I have joined WMUL - the college radio station, as a member of the sports staff. One of the things I will be involved in is the show Basketball Friday Night in West Virginia. This covers high school basketball. There will be other duties for me as well. I will keep everybody posted on future developments. I'm also continuing to do MU Report so look for more videos coming real soon.
  15. I was able to catch the game between the Habs and Bruins and even though the Habs won, I still saw them struggling to get the puck out and were pretty slow defensively. The speed offensively still seems to be lacking a bit, but they played opportunistic hockey. Because of the defense, they have to make sure they don't get caught out of position. But it's great to see the Habs playing decent of late. If they can get on any run with that power play being bad (maybe find some pp goals), things may start getting more interesting. Good to see them in the hunt for a playoff spot with this current group.