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  1. I will also agree with this. And actually, I don't see a lot of players going anywhere because of it. Some may, especially the goalies that have been mentioned on this forum. But I don't see the majority of players moving. The market may not be there for them.
  2. I understand what you are saying, HTL, but if we do something with Price, we need to do it while his value is still high. If he has a bad year next season, then his value might drop dramatically.
  3. Price's contract is hanging over this team's head like an albatross. I hate to say it, but they are going to have to dump his salary just to be able to get more players and make a few more trades.
  4. To be honest with you, the NHL has never had anybody who could pass for being a good league president/commissioner. Everyone talks about how bad Bettman is, but I will say the worst was Clarence Campbell. It was a free-for-all when he was president, and Rocket Richard took the brunt of the abuse. Actually, just about every star player back then took a lot of abuse. Richard got suspended and the riot took place, Gordie Howe nearly died of a head injury, Bill Masterson died (accidentally) and Ted Green also nearly died (stick fight). Outside of Masterson, whose case was tragic, why were no measures taken to protect the players better? Richard was very critical of Campbell throughout Richard's and Campbell's lifetimes, and I believe deservedly so. And outside of King Clancy and Red Story, the officials were pathetic back then. One of those pathetic officials, Bill Chadwick, at least did do something revolutionary. He invented the hand signals used today to signal penalties and other infractions. Richard once said that Clancy and Story would at least let you talk to them, which enabled him to let off a little bit of steam. And I have a feeling those two may have helped diffuse many a bad situation, not just with Richard, but with the rest of the players in the league. I am saying this in response to those who were commenting on the officiating last night. I did not get to see the game because I was working. But I am glad the Habs won. Isn't it amazing what can happen when a team has a do-or-go home situation? Most teams usually fold up their tents.
  5. Stick in the ground. Or follow the sun due west.
  6. Waiting for George to do it, but George is not in the building.
  7. Good idea.
  8. BTW: listen here:
  9. I like hearing from kinot!!!
  10. I finally got the game on TSN via the Internet. Man is their website confusing.
  11. Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur - where are you???? Canadiens need some goal scorers like these two were.
  12. I got to thinking the same thing. Maybe Julien will have to step down if he continues to have heart problems.
  13. I saw the third period of Game 1, as I had to work and just got home in time. If Price continues to be solid in goal, the Habs have a chance. But they need to shore up their defense, and find more scoring.
  14. I got to see this game. I was quite surprised that the Habs even won this game, as Pittsburgh was applying the pressure most of the game. They got a few breaks to go their way. Nice to see former Detroit Tigers pitcher Dan Petry's son Jeff get the OT winner.
  15. I hope to see some hockey at this time, too. In my posts, I felt that there was no way this would happen, even though I did post stories that hinted that hockey could restart.