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  1. I hope this does a better job of remembering one's login info so one can enter easier.
  2. I just downloaded the Canadiens app, but how can I get the audio feed from somewhere other than And hopefully for free?
  3. I just wish they had a couple more guys who can put the puck in the net. Scoring has been their Achilles heel for several years now. And it reared its ugly head when Price got hurt. I know the Red Wings were at least considering moving Jimmy Howard, and I thought at the time that the Habs should try to get him. He would have been a veteran backup for Price, which is exactly what the Habs need now in net.
  4. This is way different than a lot of people have been posting, but I think the Habs should consider Jimmy Howard. He had the same problem in Detroit that all Habs goalies except the one named Price have had - a defense that collapses in front of them. I think Howard would be a competent backup for Price. To be honest with everyone, I like the Weber / Subban trade. Subban has lots of offensive ability and was tough on defense. But it seemed to me that he felt that the had to carry the entire load. And unfortunately, the stories about his fights with teammates are true. It was starting to head in a bad direction. Is Weber a better defenseman than Subban? No. But I like the emphasis the Habs are putting on toughness and talent. And Weber has both, and his style of game ages well.
  5. I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if Roy had been pulled much sooner while the Red Wings were blasting the Habs. Thank God I wasn't there for that one, as I was attending a friend's induction into the Greater Flint Sports Hall Of Fame. It just looked to me when I heard about it afterward, and saw replays of that game that the coach and general manager were both out to shame Roy for some reason. If Roy was that mad, then it was for the best that he left, especially if he was being shown up. But they should have gotten far better in trade value. The guys they did get weren't all that good. This is the reason I call this one the worst in recent Habs history. Just the fact that they could have gotten much better players in exchange for Roy. Worst trade in Habs history? Doug Harvey for Lou Fontinato. I know Harvey was on the outs with Toe Blake and management, but trade him for the guy who Gordie Howe whipped very badly? And he did not last long with the Habs, suffering a paralyzing injury just a couple of years after that? Let's get this straight everyone - I do not wish that any player, no matter what team he's playing for, to get seriously injured and / or end his career. It's just that his effectiveness was pretty much lost after the Howe fight.
  6. I will never forget him. He was every bit as advertised when I got to meet him. But there is one thing that bothers me. Wayne Gretzky wants Howe's number retired league-wide. I have some serious issues with that. Maurice Richard and Bobby Hull both wore number 9, and I don't believe that would go over too well in either Montreal or Chicago. These guy's contributed a lot to hockey, too, and what they did was also great. The reason Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinson's number league-wide is because he did something truly earth-shattering when he broke baseball's color barrier. As great as Howe's contributions to hockey were, they did not rise to that level. I just don't believe that Howe's number should be placed alongside Richard's or Hull's number. It would as far as I'm concerned diminish the contributions Richard and Hull made. And I also consider the idea to be an emotional one at the present time. But then again leave it to Gary Bettman to do something like this without understanding all the facts and respect to Hull and Richard. If you are going to retire Howe league-wide, why not retire the name Gordie Howe and / or his nickname Mr. Hockey. I think that would go over much better and not diminish Richard or Hull.
  7. I say goodbye to Gordie as well. But I'm surprised there is not more discussion about this. His battles with the Canadiens. His rivalry with Maurice Richard. Playing with his sons in the World Hockey Association. Scoring 1,000 goals combined in the NHL and WHA. Doing the one thing nobody in the modern era has done - play with his sons. And about those sons, who had nice careers - Mark is a Hockey Hall of Famer. I know this is a Canadiens board, but Gordie had such an impact on hockey.
  8. I wish Gerard Gallant had not left. But then again, I knew he'd be a great coach somewhere.
  9. I don't like this at all. This is one of the biggest gambling capitals of the entire world. Nothing against Las Vegas - I actually went out there one year with the University of Michigan-Flint Golf Club. I'm just concerned that someone will get a lot of access they shouldn't be getting and we could be going down the same road as the 1919 White Sox, Pete Rose, Paul Hornung and Alex Karras, and all the rest.
  10. I have read some interesting books lately, ones I could not put down or had a very hard time stopping once I got into them. I have three book author friends on Facebook, and in the case of two of them, if you like historical fiction (where both factual characters and fictional characters are in a book about true events with a fictional twist), I have some good ones for you from authors you may not have heard about, but I know they can really write and weave great stories. 1. Transfer Day and Race To Tibet by Sophie Schiller. These were so good I could not put them down. I'm sure the book she is currently working on will offer more of the same excitement. 2. Lies Told In Silence and Unravelled by Canadian author Mary Tod (MK Tod). 3. My very first Marshall University football friend, Randi D. Ward, has written several short stories and is currently working on a new book. And for those of you who like sports, I strongly recommend A Coach In Progress, by Red Dawson, former Marshall assistant coach. His fight against survivor's guilt is very moving. Survivor's guilt meaning he was not on the plane that crashed, wiping out most of the Marshall football team in 1970, and he felt guilty for a long time that he was not with them. All 75 people on board died.
  11. I've entered the Flushing Evening Walk and the Frankenmuth Volkslaufe. Crim race in Flint to be decided.
  12. Nope, did not walk away. I've spent quite a bit of time with my new friends from Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia. I've become a big fan. They went through so much (the plane crash in 1970), but have also provided so much. This past season has been very difficult on me as a Habs fan. People were picking us to be Stanley Cup contenders, but things got away very quickly. I hope the Canadiens can rebound next season. I plan on doing the one in Frankenmuth, and possibly the one in Flint. I'm looking at this year's debut for the Flushing Evening Walk in the early part of June. I have some time to get my legs back in fair shape by then.
  13. I'm sorry I did not get to post more this past season. I did get to watch a few Habs games. Back to racewalking everyone. I'll keep everyone posted on which events I will be in so you can all wish me luck. I miss you all.
  14. The one thing that has had me worried most of the season is the need for a dependable backup goalie. It just seemed to me that the whole thing fell apart the moment Price got hurt. I agree with those who believe the rest of the team should have picked up more of the slack. But the two goalies they did have didn't exactly inspire confidence with me. Gallagher should be the next captain. I love what he brings to the game in terms of being feisty, and being a true leader. Reminds me a lot of guys like Bobby Clarke, Ken Linesman, Ted Lindsay, and Elmer Lach. Guys who could get under people's skin. His being hurt for part of the season didn't help either.
  15. I'm sorry I've been away for much of this season. But whenever I've watched the Canadiens or got their box scores in my e-mail, I will have to admit, this season has been very hard to take. In my other post today, I said the Canadiens were going to need to look at finding a very competent backup goalie to help them win games.