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  1. They still have the only 1 win and only 3 points? I just looked on the Canadiens web site.
  2. I will see everybody at the Habs online ranch soon. Las Vegas may actually be better when all is said and done.
  3. Just wait until you see the presentation and paper I'm doing in grad school at Marshall.
  4. I will always love the Habs, but I have a feeling this season will be very hard to swallow.
  5. And took my autographed big color autographed photo of Maurice and Henri to the Detroit taping of the legendary PBS show Antiques Roadshow in 2013. I had so much fun there and got to see a lot of great finds.
  6. I will never forget the two days I met and got to talk to Maurice Richard. And met Henri Richard and Jean Beliveau along the way.
  7. They don't have enough speed to get to those rebounds
  8. It has been hard to watch since their last Cup in 1993.
  9. I have been following the Canadiens for decades now, and I have never seen them this slow.
  10. Breakaway and lost the puck.
  11. That too. I still think what happened to Durnan was worse. But definitely in recent history, Roy.
  12. So many really good players have been run out of Montreal for decades now. The worst of all time was booing Bill Durnan into retirement.
  13. They also look slow on offense.
  14. Another Power Play. Come on Canadiens ... DO SOMETHING!!!
  15. It looks like there is nothing left for him to mess up.