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  1. The nearist Premiership team to me next season will be Reading, although they have blitzed the championship (the league below the premiership) this season it's going to be very very hard for them to stay up next season. That said wigan have manged it this year. For a truely depressing situation consider Southampton, 3 years ago they were in the FA final, into the UEAF cup, great player come up, now 20th in the Championship, all the best players gone and any good ones who get brough though end up leaving. Being a football fan is hard work sometimes.
  2. Another European here, from Hampshire, England, which is about an hour south west of London.
  3. It's hard work being a Southampon fan these days, relegated from the Premier League last season, all our best players left or sold, now in the bottom half of the championship (the level below the premiership) and worryingly close to being pulled into a relgation dog fight. We have a chairman who seem intend on distorying the club and the less said about Harry Rednapp the better !
  4. British Sea Power - Open Season A great band from the UK, i think they are touring north america at the moment.
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