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  1. He gained a few lumps and maybe some idea that he's not as tough as he thinks he is.
  2. We just need ownership willing to tell the ones that worry about that to take a hike.
  3. I've never been a fan of giving multiple players for one player, I understand that sometimes that's what you have to do. However I wouldn't give that much for Eichel, we had Patches who put up better numbers and traded him away, Gallagher put up good numbers, Toffolli decent numbers, Anderson a power forward and Eichel's health a huge question mark with a huge contract. One player is not going to fix this team and giving up 5 players isn't going to help, so it's a hard pass on Eichel for me. Jack Eichel Hockey Stats and Profile at hockeydb.com
  4. This, I would have liked another year to see if he developed further, but at this point I don't think we have a choice but to let him go. Package the picks and go after something better.
  5. I agree, I think that's a lot for what we've seen from him. Would have liked another year to see if he had more to offer.
  6. I'm not so sure about that, it's not like you have NHL teams offering you a coaching job every day.
  7. The highlighted part is the reason I would have limited the contract to one year, as far as coaching team Canada goes a chimpanzee could likely pick up a medal there. But like you say time will tell.
  8. A one year deal to see how he does for a full season would have been the smart thing to do. Then again the smart thing to do would have been to give Bouchard the job in the first place.
  9. Agreed, he could have been laying some big hits on their forwards when they come into our zone, slow them down some.
  10. I've been around for 14 cups, hopefully about to be 15.
  11. This and with the way Price has been playing, he likely should have had their second goal as well. It could have been a shutout win.
  12. Yes but we better get ready for what's coming, it keeps getting harder.
  13. Totally agree with this, however I think the damage is done and Romanov will want out of here.
  14. They should tell the NHL to get stuffed, they're not paying.
  15. Yes I've been waiting for Poehling to get another shot, another big body that goes to the net. Hope it's soon and hope he does well.
  16. I think he might jump at that offer.
  17. Well CJ is the guy that kept putting Price in, so he bears some responsibility for that.
  18. Looks like Muller was fired as well and Ducharme has been named interim coach.
  19. Game start delayed to 8:00 due to Edmonton player entering NHL Covid protocol. https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/canadiens-game-day-jake-allen-will-be-back-in-goal-against-oilers
  20. Yes I would have liked to of seen Juulsen get another chance with the Habs, hope he does well in Florida.
  21. That wouldn't be a terrible lineup and I like the idea of Taffoli on the left with a right hand shot.
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