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  1. David Pagnotta‏ @TheFourthPeriod 3m3 minutes ago More Montreal's eerily quiet and there's a lot of chatter (repeat, chatter) regarding their heavy pursuit of Sebastian Aho. Interesting topic to follow...
  2. David Pagnotta‏ @TheFourthPeriod FollowFollow @TheFourthPeriod More Montreal's deal with G Keith Kinkaid is 1-year, $1.75M
  3. Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago More MTL and goalie Keith Kincaid @Blockaid1 working to finalize a one-year contract. Many emojis to come.
  4. I would think so, it's at least a good starting point.
  5. According to sources, Carolina got calls from 3 different teams today on Sebastian Aho, hinting at an offer sheet. The 'Canes told them they would match any offer sheet. Carolina did tell them they would entertain trade conversation. Believe that Habs is among 3 teams who called. According to Pierre LeBrun
  6. Pretty much what I'm thinking it's for, but you never know.
  7. Yup, I missed it but seen it now.
  8. Sorry Shaw is only getting 3.9 per year, don't know where I got the 6.5.
  9. Shaw and a seventh round pick to Chicago for a second and seventh round pick.
  10. Shaw traded to Chicago for picks, freeing up 6.5 million, Duchene?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnB4ON1xcKE Nick Suzuki Playoffs MVP 2018-19
  12. I'd give him a chance as well, it can't hurt. But if there's a deal for a better NHL goalie out there that's what they should do.
  13. Is he done, I guess only Carey knows the answer to that question, but I think he is done here. I agree with GHC that he goes down way too much and then stretches forward to make himself even lower. If a willing partner can be found I would trade him, allowing this to continue is going to drag the rest of the team down sooner or later.
  14. I'm going to go with crash and burn, can't see them keeping that pace up for the entire season and injuries are bound to happen. I agree with Price letting in too many softies, he goes down way too much and the shooters are waiting for it, they know they'll have the top of the net open.
  15. From what I heard the Laffs will pretty much have their final roster tonight, I predict we're going to get a good old fashion butt kicking.
  16. I'll watch my grandson's team, he's 8 years old and they're just starting to get not too bad, fun to watch.
  17. Trading a player is one thing, giving them away is another. What a moron.
  18. We need a center at the draft, but if he is still available when it's our turn to pick, you just know this is who we will get. Craig's List: Bouchard rocketing up draft board On TSN.
  19. Weber out for the season, will have surgery to repair a tear in a tendon. per TSN. Waiting for the one saying Price has concussion like symptons.
  20. Sounds like he has the "Forsberg foot", also known as "get me the hell out of here".
  21. Haven't watched them for a while now, it's not worth it. Thankfully I have my Soo Greyhounds of the OHL to watch, they're first overall with a 20 point lead on the next closest team. They have played 56 games and have only lost 6, far more entertaining than this years Habs,
  22. The only person on that list I would like to keep is Byron, having said that everyone is available for the right Price.
  23. It's likely to make up for the money Molson had to pay Therrien.
  24. OK thanks, I thought he was getting all 70 million up front.
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