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  1. This may be true when the team sucks for 5 years and drafts first overall, but if you're not drafting in the top 10 even, nothing is certain.
  2. True, but the Habs are looking to win in the next year or two and Kovalchuk could help with scoring for a couple years. We'll be in rebuild mode after that and will likely trade players away for picks.
  3. Could be he wanted him signed for some term before giving up Sergachev.
  4. If I was GM, I'd find a way to make this happen. Kovalchuk wants to return, Devils open to sign and trade. As per TSN.
  5. A little off topic, but someone should change his "brith"date to birth date. And did we lose all our posts again?
  6. I chose other as well, I'm pretty much looking forward to these exact same things.
  7. You got me back, thanks GHC I appreciate your help.
  8. Lost my name and posts, I was "olddude". I didn't even pick this name, it changed on it's own.
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