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  1. Hi guys heading to Florida at the end of March so going to take in the Habs / Panthers game and the Habs / Tampa game. Does anyone know what hotels the Habs stay at while down there
  2. Well at least it is not because of their play, it is more injury related. If they were not making the cut due to their play I would be a little worried about their development. All in all not a great concern.
  3. I don't even want to see Lacavalier in a HAbs uniform not alone putting a letter on him. Nothing against Lecavalier personally but, first there is that monster contract that will have us handcuffed for the next 11 years at a cap hit of 7 to 7.5 mill per season (correct me if I am wrong), then there is his shoulder problems that he has had in the last couple of seasons and had surgery last year and this year not sure if the surgery this year was for the same shoulder or his wrist which we don't even know how he will respond to the after effects of the surgery. For me theses are problems and questions that I really don't want hanging over the team. We all know the contract situation, but let's just say that he has re-occurring shoulder problems or wrist problems, what do we do then? There is not going to be a lineup at your door for him, he will be either 29 or 30 this upcoming season. The first person we will blame will be either Gainey or whoever the next GM is that would make this move. Let's go look for a better contractd player that could be just as good with less of a cap problem down the road. Remember, we have already stated that we do not care if the next coach is billingual or not as long as he is the best coach for the job. Let's do the same with the players as well, just because his last name is Lecavalier, St.Louis, or Briere doesn't mean that he should automatically be given a spot on the team. These players play so well when they come to Montreal, because they really want to put on a show for the family and friends, because they know that come the next they they will be playing in a different city and the pressure is not there like it would if they had to wake up everyday in Montreal and play half of their games their and be constantly grilled by the French media. I say we the best possible player who has consistently played well over the last few years both in the regular season and play-offs, and is possibly more cap friendly than Lecavalier, Briere, and St.Louis. For those contracts we could possibly aquire a couple of decent players.
  4. Well I think Koivu will still be here, so everything stays status quo. If Koivu moves on, then Kovy should get it, maybe this will give him a little more motovation to play a little harder and lead this team.
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