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  1. up until gomez was injured pleky was playing a second line role too and he was hot right from the get go... about the play-offs and being soft... i wouldn't call pleky soft, i don't think he shies away from anything. it's just that he, like most of our top offensive guys, is too small to really dish it out and make bigger, stronger guys pay. so if you want to argue that he is to small, i'd have to agree but also mention the size of our other top six players. i strongly disagree about pleky being soft though. but that's off topic
  2. Koivu: 2-8-10 in 19GP Plekanec: 5-19-24 in 25GP I want Pleks on my first line right now, so yeah, i'd like Koivu on my second No offence to Koivu, i love this guy and his leadership and determination are from another world but production wise the numbers speak for themselves. of course, pleky benefits from playing with cammy but koivu's playing alongside selanne for most of the ducks games as far as i know (who's 14-5-19 in 24). EDIT: btw, koivu has a +/- of 0, whereas plekanec is +8...
  3. I didn't think of it, but I really see your point. I'd love to see him wear the 'C' next season! I don't think that he's a guy that would break under the pressure, if it changes anything at all i think he'd play better. also a nice choice for the "A"'s
  4. hi everyone i'm from switzerland, zurich. my real name is sebastian and i'm a habs fan since i know about the nhl, mostly thanks to streit, who together with ak 46 is one of my most favorite habs-players. as my profile pic shows, i'm also a big fan of johnny toews and of course alex ovechkin. other teams i like are the blackhawks and the sharks.
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