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  1. Spacek announced his retirement. . So long, Jaro!
  2. Fantastic Mr. Fox - 8/10 Funny, poetic & the animation was brilliant.
  3. Pairing Mara with Subban might actually work - they would chat up the opposing players to death!
  4. Can't say I care about the Grammys but I'm quite happy for Arcade Fire winning album of the year (even if it's weaker than their previous records)! And Win & Regine thanked Montreal & Quebec for being their home. I still think Bell Centre should be playing "Wake Up" every time the Habs are losing.. or going to PP
  5. The Princess Bride - 8 It's not very well known here so I'm late to the party. Inconcievable, I know. Loved it! Stardust - 7 It has a much lighter tone than the one I got from the book. Fresh and charming in certain parts. The love story is done beautifully.
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