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  1. It must be sweet dancing banana you have. I gotta gets'may one of those

  2. and I thought I was popular for having over 100 profile views...lucky!

  3. That's it, I'm hiring Tony Danza to take on this investigation!

  4. If you're not stalking me then how come your fake moustache, big supsicous, yet concealing hat, and a book entitled "Stalking For The Google Generatin" were all located in my place of residence? So much for that guard hamster of mine...

  5. 32 posts today?!?!?!?

    Jesus Joseph Mary Murphy Brown, son!

  6. I love your display pic man!

  7. Stay outta my profile and off of my yard ya crazy rabble rouser! No, I'm just kidding, my lawn is your lawn, or at least my forum lawn is.

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