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  1. He was completely useless tonight against Detroit. I felt bad for Shaw and Lehkonen who had to play with him.
  2. I really liked what I saw from Danault as a center in the few games he played with Pacs and Shaw. Any idea why they moved him back to wing???
  3. Just scored his 7th of the year, just 1 back of Hudon for the team lead. I hope he has a great year.
  4. I wasn't happy about Bergevin sticking with Therrien last year, but I have to give him Kudos for the moves he has made to improve this team since late last season. The Radulov signing and the Weber trade took a lot of guts and what an impact those two have made. Picking up Daneault and a draft pick for Weiss and Fleishman looks very good. Upgrading Condon with Montoya gives us a legitimate back up and if Shaw can play consistently like he did tonight then i'll be happy with that signing. Now if he can just figure out a way to move DD ...
  5. Played his best game tonight. Looks like great chemistry with Shaw and Daneault
  6. That's hilarious! If you go by what the Dallas fans are saying, I guess we really got the better deal on this one!
  7. I totally give MT an "A" so far The team is in first place and playing great Looks like good chemistry in the room and everyone seems to have bought into the team concept I don't understand all the questioning about his lines or people complaining that PK is not getting enough ice time Other than the 2 Toronto games, they have been a lot of fun to watch. Now when is the last time we were able to say that
  8. with the big contracts winding down, the talent coming up, and the young core of the team, you got to feel good about the future of this club
  9. Emelin will prove that he is a solid top 4, NHL Defenceman
  10. He looked pretty shakey defensively against the Penguins
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