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  1. Set the record for cardio: http://instagram.com/p/s2nHH3MzYa/
  2. Well, now that I think about it, sekáč is also a certain type of spider (the "daddy long-legs" variety) so I hope he'll have a nose for the net!
  3. Plus in Czech, 'sekac' (seh-kaatsch) means 'chopper' (as in chopping wood, not the bike), a slang word that we use for someone who's really good at what he does. Hopefully Jiri lives up to his name!
  4. Can Therrien ban The Move just as he banned the triple low five? That said, welcome back, Ryds. Do some damage out there.
  5. I don't think Budaj is entirely to fault for the way he was lit up this year but his rebound control was atrocious so far. Now would be a perfect time to pick his game up a notch.
  6. Funny how when we did well, everyone was like "that's too small of a sample" and now it's one really ugly game and we throw the whole team overboard? But yeah, this is the negative thread and yesterday was an ATROCITY. Getting lit up by the friggin' Leafs? Nightmare.
  7. Pumped up for the game. Hope the boys are too! I desire REVENGE.
  8. Yeah, until the first goal, he was frustration personified. Hopefully this gets him going.
  9. Ugh. He looks so uninterested out there.
  10. Now that's just what the doctor ordered to ease the pain.
  11. Didn't have that much work tonight but ROCK SOLID when needed. Love it.
  12. When Bouillon got hit late in tonight's game, I really don't know why - it was a clean hit - but I expected an immediate reaction, somebody doing something.. and for a second, while there was nothing, a thought jumped into my mind: I guess we're still the Smurfs. Enter Prust.
  13. Too soon to jump to conclusions, but this team sure looks different. The defense is still running around too much but there's Price to give 'em time to settle down.
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