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  1. His name backwards is Cakes. Nickname?? haha

    Plus in Czech, 'sekac' (seh-kaatsch) means 'chopper' (as in chopping wood, not the bike), a slang word that we use for someone who's really good at what he does. Hopefully Jiri lives up to his name!

  2. When Bouillon got hit late in tonight's game, I really don't know why - it was a clean hit - but I expected an immediate reaction, somebody doing something.. and for a second, while there was nothing, a thought jumped into my mind: I guess we're still the Smurfs.

    Enter Prust.

  3. Rescue Dawn - 7.5/10 - I was reluctant to watch this film because it was (mis-marketed) as an action type of "rambo" film, but it is anything but. I knew it was based on a true story but didnt expect the sort of clean, tense storyline they managed to pull off. Very little violence, just the threat of it wrapped up with some extremely good acting from all of the leads.

    If you're interested in Dieter's story, Little Dieter Needs To Fly is a documentary from the same director (the fabulous Werner Herzog), featuring Dieter himself. Recommended.

    Inception: 8

    Much more straightforward than one would think and definitely not in the league of Kubrick as some critics suggested but a very, very fine movie nonetheless. The ending was priceless.

  4. Avatar.


    Great movie! Must see!

    And don't bother to see it in 3-D, doesn't make a difference.

    I couldn't disagree more! The only real impression Avatar left on me was its novel use of 3D. Definitely worth the money and I hope more (and better!) movies will be made this way. The depth of view was breathtaking.

    The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus - 7/10. Gilliam let loose is a splendid thing but the finale was very underwhelming.

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