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  1. that's the only positive for me experience ...if we're successful we have to win the Cup or lose a ton of opportunity in the draft ...I guess another way to look at it is most Hab fans would be happy if Montreal just simply made the play-offs anyway and if they had the same scenario in the play-off/draft position would play out anyway ...
  2. I agree about the stupid season part ….this is a bad idea and only a cash grab for the owners ...a 80% chance we don't win the Cup and a 50/50 chance we lose draft position ….kind of like a lose-lose proposition
  3. A dominant Price too ...but I liked the team better with Cousins , Thompson and Scandella ….still it will be a chance for some younger guys to get play-off experience ...ONLY if the NHL can pull this off ...I have very strong doubts
  4. what if one player gets covid ….does everybody in that dressing room go into quarantine ? If they play against a team does that team go into quarantine for 2 weeks ? Are they eliminated because of covid ….if an equipment manager tests positive does the whole team quarantine ?.....yeah something will happen for sure
  5. What a blanket statement to make about Poehling ...I think we can all see he needs some work . Nobody expected him to score 3 goals every game since he wasn't a scorer in college either . But he has the size , the speed , some hands and a very good defensive game that I have no doubt get plenty of positive direction under Bouchard .
  6. the play-offs should be from a city not in the running ...Ottawa , San Jose , Detroit , LA , Ana . NJ , Buff ...but we know that won't happen
  7. The more this gets discussed the more it sounds like a bad idea and not just for the Habs . What is it about 600 players or so in the playoffs ?...add in the team staffs etc , then at least two arena crews , and maybe some fans in socially distanced sections , all the hotel people , transportation people , airplanes , food catering considerations , the media circus ...and then ...if just one person gets infected it's a crap show and someone or some people are going to pay dearly for it .
  8. I think Bettman has about 400 million reasons to push this
  9. yeah I'm right there too ....I'm not a fan of this ...too many risks ..for starters lots of people have been acting like the pandemic is over ...when does the 2nd wave start now that people have jammed in recreational parks and beaches with no social distancing and no masks ? I can see another "wave" in 3 weeks ….they were saying today they might need upwards of 30,000 covid-19 tests for this to happen ..what happens if one player tests positive during a round or maybe gets infected by an asymptomatic and contagious arena worker or even another player ? the teams or players risk playing further and taking it back to their families ? do they do go into quarantine ? do they quash the whole thing ?....this has both money and failure written all over it.
  10. so when they pick a "hub" city is it according to the least Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people ?...does this all sound a little bizarre to anybody else ?
  11. The only positive is that younger players like Domi , Suzuki , Mete , Evans , KK, Poehling etc get a taste of play-off hockey ….then again the crowds won't be there ….if we do happen to get a round or two in our chances in the draft get exponentially worse ...unless you win the Stanley Cup ….it's a long shot at best I'm afraid ….there is one other point to make however ...if Montreal were to survive a couple of rounds that would be impressive and a Free Agent might think about coming .
  12. So is it etched in stone that the further a team would advance in this scenario the later the draft pick ?....the perfect scenario is you get to keep your position otherwise why would Montreal want this having traded some key players that would have made them stronger ? I see a lot of opposition to this format not the least of which is a greatly delayed draft .
  13. This doesn't make any sense to me ….there will be a 2nd wave hitting the States and you can't trust that arenas won't have staff that are / were or / will be contagious whether they show symptoms or not ..this is risky for the players and franchises ...of course this makes sense to Bettman and crew because big bucks are on the line ...Best case scenario is Montreal keeps 8th pick and maybe gets lucky and moves up and the Cap either stays the same or even goes down both cases we're ok
  14. of the four Montreal probably thought he was the most complete player ...saw him last year and he was impressive enough at both ends
  15. sounds like a hypothetical question a Bruins fan would pose ….however If he were to go anywhere my thought is it would be to the Canucks or Seattle ...he's made more than enough money already .. mom and dad are ageing and the grand kids are growing up and I don't think he has any interest in Beantown or their fans anyway ...he is a Hab after all