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  1. That's pretty much where I sit as well ….not interested in acquiring a bunch of 4th-7th rounders unless to trade a bunch out for something worthwhile ( rarely happens ) ...I think dealing with cap strapped teams or possibly taking on salary ala Mason and Armia might be more fruitful
  2. All that being said Kovalchuk has made an absolute ton of money but has also paid a ton in taxes and escrow ( & agent's fees ) .You can understand to a degree why he walked away from the taxes in New Jersey and went to the KHL but in the end not only did he leave US dollars on the table but he lost money when the ruble devaluated …..and ….he's still rich . So he's not hurting for money and signing for $700,000 ( I wonder what the poor people are doing ? ) with Montreal is more an indication that he's not quite done yet and has something to prove . You can see he's enjoying this run with the Habs and is relishing the role of being a significant player again . Lets hope he wants to stay enough to take a discount notwithstanding Quebec's higher taxes.
  3. I think that's around the number too .. $3-3.5 for 2 years might snag him and he'd be worth it from what we've seen ...that number will go up if he continues this scoring pace and Montreal goes on a run .
  4. Kovy is the feel good part of this year aside from Suzuki ( and according to Kovy himself he isn't quite at 100 % yet ) if Bergevin could sign him to a 2 year deal before the end of the season Montreal will have gotten a surprisingly fit and decent skating scoring machine from the scrap heap ...I think a lot of gms are scratching their heads on this one thinking to themselves why didn't I take a cheap flyer on this guy ? unlike Radulov I'm hoping that Kovalchuk isn't seeking ridiculous bucks ...hopefully he signs before all the sharks start surrounding the UFA tank would be good for Romanov next year as well ….who knows ? hopefully the seamless transition into the locker room and the immediate acceptance that Kovalchuk received from Hab fans will sway his decision ...
  5. basically 6 points behind Toronto and Florida for a division spot ...that seems possible
  6. Armia and Domi didn't play that well ...give a bye to Armia in only his second game back ...Domi showed flashes but was mostly a giveaway machine ….good for Cousins and the 4th line to get us this win ...I have no idea why Kovalchuk was on the ice with 2 mins left and a 2 goal lead ...he then promptly iced the puck and the guys were tired …..also Scandella tried a 200 foot Hail Mary and bingo the game is tied ...I'd have rather had Thompson out there with Danault for face-offs ..I think Julien was trying to get Kovy another goal and it almost blew up in his face ….we'll take the win but it shouldn't have been that close .
  7. yeah I'll definitely let you know my impressions ...Hillis , center , 5' 11" listed as 174 lbs ...19 years old ...I think taken 66th by the Habs ...his development has been railroaded with injuries until this year ….could be a diamond in the rough for all we know
  8. ..speaking of prospects I'm going to the Knights/Storm game Jan 26 ...Canadians prospect & hard luck kid Cameron Hillis is having a bounce back year and is averaging 1.47 p/p/g this year for Guelph
  9. firstly how was that not a boarding penalty ?...and even if it wasn't they both dropped their gloves at the same time so how is that an instigating ?'d think that since the refs missed the first one that they'd at least not tack on an extra 2 ...whatever
  10. yeah who knew he would come out swinging like that ?'s good to see him step up as his maturation continues ( and he hasn't even filled out yet ) That being said when Price is on his game this team can be impressive but at the same time still too many quality chances against for my heart ..I thought Weise played his best game of the year last night ...also it's more than apparent the team needs Armia's settling influence ...getting Drouin back will solidify the forward group ..Kovalchuk looks like he still has a couple of years left ..I wouldn't be opposed to keeping him if the price was right ( 6pts in 6 games so far )
  11. Tatar didn't fit into that line-up for whatever reasons and when he did play he didn't really produce ...sometimes that happens . Vegas management gave up a ton for him looking for some magic for their play-off run . That turned out well for us . I don't care about the French -speaking thing any way . What do the Habs have 3 guys that are from Quebec ? and that's with recent addition Scandella who might be gone anyway . I don't even think Gallant is the right guy for head coach but everyone seems to want Julien gone . When he was with the Habs the first time he had a very good connection to the young players .
  12. you must be my age then because I have the same conscious memory of 17 Cups ...I have a jersey signed by the Rocket and had a Forum seat for a few years but no longer ...the memories for sure aren't for sale
  13. I think Montreal should make a move to bring Gallant back in the fold in some capacity and to eventually to become the coach ...he has always been great with young players ….coaches simply lose the room at sometime point down the road sooner or later ( part of the job ) ..look at Quennville and Babcock for starters ...not that many Toe Blakes or Bowmans around any more winning Cups all the time
  14. I think they are 2 different players and comparing them is futile ...I love Tkachuks ' tenacity but JK has better hands and vision and is ( more importantly ) a center we needed to draft . I think we'll be happy when he matures ...he's still only 19 ...he'll come around
  15. actually I think Sandin is a pretty good prospect for the Leafs much as it pains me to say that