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  1. I wonder how could the Leafs even consider him with their cap situation
  2. I just don't have a problem with this signing .....I don't like the alternative of paying somebody on D for Krug type money on the open market , eat up the cap and who will then take you out of any further Free Agency discussions on forwards ......St Louis thought he was good enough to sign him to two 1 yr $3 mill contracts ...then Carolina thought he was good enough for 1 year @ $3.1 mill ...this seems to be the area and price range where Edmundson sits ...not elite but the kind of guy you want on your team and will pay decent money for but not a ton . . . I'm not surprised he signed to give his career some stability and maybe he saw a chance to play with Price and Weber as positives ... he's still relatively young...let's see what he brings to the team
  3. True...the more I think about it the more I see a more mature and serviceable Mete staying around for a bridge of say $1.2 mill as an RFA for a couple of years on a two-way ...certainly tradeable but somewhat of a stop-gap go to in case Romanov stutter steps still doesn't address the need for a decent RHD but at least he's played the position with Ouellet ...not an optimum but doable
  4. Don't see why he shouldn't well I thought he could bring a bit more on the open market ( but only about 3.8ish - 4 type money ) but I assume the term had something to do with that ......So all in all it's still good coin for him and he didn't get much of a raise but maybe he saw himself as a fit on Montreal ......certainly better than a 5 or 6 yr deal or more people were stewing over when Bergevin first got him ....of course he not a #1 or 2 but he should be able to provide decent 2nd pairing and certainly 3rd pairing + pk work to this team while prospects learn the ropes ....he might surprise some people ...Bergevin isn't done yet but the club is better today than when we didn't have a decent back-up and the softish 3 pairing got exposed .
  5. It's still a question mark on whether Romanov makes the jump effectively to the NHL level ...for reasons of experiment perhaps Weber should take him on the left side to wean him in like he did with Mete ...then it would be Petry / Edmundson and Chiarot / Fleury( Juulsen)....Im not so sure having Romanov and Fleury ( or Juulsen) isn't asking for a lot of rookie mistakes
  6. Agreed on the depth comment ....It would be fair to mention as well that Edmundson is quite a bit bigger and plays a tougher game than Kulak and will fight for his team mates if need be .. for all the talk of Kulak joining the rush etc it has translated into points and he's not a bruiser in front of the net .Is he a faster skater than Edmundson ...yes ...does he lay people out and make them wary in front of the net or coming into the zone terms of hits , blocked shots , points , pims , +/- , career games , play-off experience , Stanley Cup ring , size and grit I would say that he is an upgrade . Edmundson is only about 7 months older and that's not to say I don't like Brett or that he hasn't progressed ...but it's up-grade in more ways than one for $1.65 mill more in salary difference over Kulak if he is moved ...if not Kulak is still an acceptable D at an affordable price .
  7. yeah it will be interesting to see who goes .Montreal might actually protect Kulak for his 2 years at 1.8 mill....if Seattle pick one or the other of Chiarot or Edmunston (if he's signed) you only lose one of the same type of player ....
  8. there's something about acquiring Krug that doesn't sit right he offensively talented ...enough so ...but he plays the PP with their big line all the time not to mention a regular shift ....some have intimated that he's somewhat sheltered from the heavy going on that team ...his size is a factor ....maybe it's because he's a Bruin ...maybe it's the kind of coin he'll be asking ...if he gave Boston a home-town discount it would still be in the $7 + mill and term range ...I can't see Montreal going near that whether he's a friend of Petry or not
  9. I'm not so sure giving a 5th rounder in a crap shoot for possibly signing guy that has size , over 300 games in the NHL, hits and blocks shots , will fight , does PK time and will clear the front of the net is that bad an idea ...the 3rd pairing was exposed in the play-offs just on size alone ...I think this move also buys Bergevin time to hopefully make a trade of significance by giving him another option ..
  10. agreed on the lateral move comment ....unless something comes back in a package deal that is markedly better we keep Domi ...the question then becomes his asking price ...if it's $ 4 mill or below for 2 years then we pay it ( more or less a mill more per than he gets now )'s not like the roster is set in stone for the whole next season ...he can still be moved if an opportunity arises
  11. we don't have enough RHD in the system ...only Juulsen , Brook and Fleury ...I think Fleury will make the grade this year so we don't have to play a smaller L Mete on his off side ..If Edmunston gets signed I think Mete is on the move in a package deal hopefully ....The future aside from those signed ( Harris , Norlinder and Struble ) are all lefties ...a good reason not to send the 1st round pick somewhere
  12. I'm looking at what Montreal has on the farm if their starting 6 is Weber /Chiarot ,Petry /Kulak , Edmunston /Fleury ( with maybe Juulsen in the 7 hole )...that would leave smallish Leskinen , smallish rookie Romanov , Brook , and Olofsson ...Even if smallish Mete or smallish Ouellet are retained the D is thin and lacking over-all size on the farm ...perhaps the rights to Edmunston was with this in mind
  13. I don't see him that way either at this point ....actually I don't remember seeing him at all but I know he's big , hits and block shots .. he isn't even and signed he's getting criticism .There aren't many teams that can put together 3 or 4 great defensemen on the same team but simply put this seems to fill a 3rd pairing size need with some experience and protection at 6'4" 215 lbs .
  14. It's easy to see why Carolina let him go . They weren't going to sign him anyway . The Hurricanes are solid on D and have Slavin ( 5 more yrs ) , Skjei ( 4 more ) , Gardiner ( 3 more ) , Fleury and up and coming Jake Bean on the left side . If Carolina signs van Riemsdyk they will have Hamilton and Pesce ( 4 yrs ) to fill out the right side . Their forwards are mostly signed to term as well . Way ahead of Montreal in terms of contracts .
  15. I'm assuming he's somewhat mobile ...6'4" 215 lbs , 27 yrs old ...last year 7 g 13 a for 20 pts +25 in career ...53 play-off games under his belt .( over 300 career games ) ..coming off a 3yr deal for 3.1 mill per a UFA ...2011 46th overall ( 2nd round ) ...he's big and that might be the point ...our 3rd pairing was small ...maybe this is protection for Romanov ...Mete probably gone ...something's up ...maybe Bergevin wants to get him for Chairot type coin ( 3.5 / 3yr ) 5th rounder is peanuts if you want to sign him or flip his rights