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  1. that's what I'm hoping for ....send the message this team can play anyway you want to
  2. I wasn't referring to a rivalry between these two teams just a rough game given the position in the standings that Calgary is in and their inability to keep up with Montreal's forwards ...hence , my guess that the tone of the game will be different than any we've seen so far this season ...enter Lucic and Tkachuk to stir things up ... it will be interesting to see how well Montreal responds to this type of game because so far no team has shown they can skate with this club's 4 lines
  3. I think the second game against Calgary will greatly intensify ...there was the 2 late goals , the pushing and shoving at the end , the Lucic crap with Anderson and a players only meeting for the Flames with the " stand -up-for-each-other " theme speech ...teams are understanding now that they can't skate with the Habs and Calgary is already in second last place in the division and feeling the pressure ...expect the first really rough game with lots of agitation ... hopefully we don't fall into the trap that Simmonds laid out in the 1st game with Toronto and allow a momentum shift based on fi
  4. we should beat Calgary if we stay out of the box ...the Flames are rolling along at 33.3% on the PP ( 6th ) and are 12th on the PK league-wide...last change will help
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Frolik in there next game ...may be take Byron's spot ..Calgary will play heavier than Edm and Van
  6. I've always seen Danault in the 5.5 range ...he's at least as valuable as Anderson and that's probably what he wants ..it'll be the same for Tatar's starting point if not more ....something has to give with a flat cap next year
  7. fun fact : according to TSN the only other team to get points in their 1st 6 games all on the road were the 68/69 Habs
  8. absolutely ...happy with not upsetting the team chemistry ...
  9. I feel the same ...I think we're out of it except for the fact Bergevin likes a splashy trade and is somewhat unpredictable ...we'll know by the weekend ...
  10. ...that's what a team effort looks like ..they're bonding with so many road games ...probably the best way to start a season with no fans in the building
  11. ... he's everything he was advertised to be and he's still learning the North American game ...I don't see a downside to this kid
  12. absolutely ...he's a keeper and already an effective NHLer after only 2 games
  13. ...just saw an interview with Romanov about his first NHL game .....he already understands and speaks English better than Markov did after all his years in Montreal ....if he can continue to play anything like Andre we'll be fine for years
  14. the 5 on 3 was the game ..before the Simmonds fight Montreal were in control ...Chiarot got sucked into giving them a momentum changer ....Anderson is the real deal ...Toffoli had a few chances and Romanov looked like he belonged and will only get better ...all in all we should have won that game but we'll take the point and move on
  15. Former Habs on waivers include : Matthew Peca , Logan Shaw , Keith Kinkaid, Riley barber , Jacob De La Rose ,Kenny Agostino, Zack Fucale and Daniel Carr .
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