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  1. I watched Moneyball again last night ...Hockey has a lot more intangibles than baseball and that's what Weber brings to the club despite analytics .. Montreal was getting bashed around the front of the net and Price was getting hurt ..I don't see much of that now with Weber here and it'll be better with a hard-nosed Chiarot ...a lot of people seemed worried about the lack of activity these days but I feel things will still get shaken up a bit before the season starts ( after-all it's still August ) ..this club made a 25 point improvement over the year before due in a large part to getting Domi and Tatar as a throw in to acquiring a much-touted Suzuki .IMO Drouin has probably only 1 year to prove himself but would garner much on the free market if he doesn't as his talent is undeniable and the price is right . I also have a feeling Shaw maxed out on his best year and his concussion problems and style of play might be his undoing though I loved him as a Hab I'm not questioning this move at this point . Bergevin also stole Danault and Armia both integral parts of the club . Everything he has done is not bad with the exception of the Alzner deal . Drafting according to one team prospect ranking has seen them jump from #18 last year to # 5 this year ( the 2nd best improvement outside of LA ) and doesn't include KK or Juulsen who graduated .Teams can go from heroes to zeroes in one short year but we have a lot of young talent on the club and waiting in the wings who will be here for a while ..signed ...optimistic
  2. I agree it does make some sense ..Chicago has all left hand shooting d-men and only 2 right shots , only 10 forwards signed and about 3.3 million in cap space ...I cant imagine the flak Bergy would get in letting go of a prospect ( +Hudon? ) and taking on a 36 yr old with 4 years left but Montreal could also throw in a 2nd or 3rd rounder if Chicago took a little back on salary ( say 1.5 )….Keith still has some wheels and is an offensive left hand shot ...worth a look to me as the cupboard is fairly stocked right now ..why not ?..if Keith would be willing to sign off and he could also be dealt at deadline to a desperate team needing to make a splash if things didn't pan out .
  3. Lets face if Montreal gave up 4 1st rounders and say 10 million bucks for 7 years to get Aho everybody would be calling for Bergevin's head more than usual ….I always saw this offer sheet differently . Bergy probably knew Carolina would match but now a competitor has to spend and not do a bridge contract and maintain control over an asset . In 5 years this Finn becomes available again to the NHL at large . All I can think of now is that Bergy must get Domi signed to term before next year runs out assuming he has numbers like last year .
  4. I don't exactly think PK has lit it up since he left Montreal and suddenly he's with yet another team ...production -wise it's about even in ppg ( Weber /PK ) ….what Montreal got back was leadership and grit , a 100 mph + slap shot ,a bigger and a tougher team first guy ( albeit older ) to protect Carey ...I was a PK fan but I would make this trade again in a heartbeat ….this protection and grit is as well what I believe the Chiarot acquisition is all about ...even though I liked Benn I think I'm going to like Chiarot better for those other qualities
  5. Montreal will have more points than Toronto with their top right hand d -man come next's that for a prediction ? ...only 9 more months to go to find out
  6. I have to agree that the leash will shorten dramatically if Montreal misses the play-offs again this year but I don't think Begevin is incompetent (except for the Alzner contract). Also it would be fair to point out that they barely missed the play-offs this year and that the player turn-over from the previous year amounted to 17 players ...with captain Pacioretty and Galchenyuk gone with Weber out till Xmas and Byron injured Montreal still managed to beat that season by 25 points . Byron will replace Shaw's production if he plays a full season and Chiarot is imo an upgrade over Benn .The season hasn't started and teams rarely do trades in Aug . nor do I think Bergevin is finished yet ...I'd rather reserve judgment until the roster is set and the season is under way..I believe they will improve on 96 points with a hungry roster and some moving parts wanting to prove something .
  7. which makes me think they'll be going the Leaf route ….sign 3 or 4 players in the $700,000 to 1 million range to fill out the roster ...some teams have to do it more than others but for sure the NHL has to do something about teams buying long term injured reserve contracts in order to create cap room ...that's a farce
  8. I don't even get why people would think the Jets would trade this guy ...even if he holds out as an RFA Winnipeg still has $17.5 mill in cap space to offer him a bridge deal at decent money somewhere in the Aho range . the only thing Montreal has going for them in this rumour is that Laine is a Finn and a hope that he'll pull a Nylander ...either way I don't see Bergy doing this ...surprise me please !
  9. I'm pulling for this kid and was hoping they'd sign him ...he was drafted because of his size when the Bruins were pushing us around a lot ..then Campbell , Lucic , Thornton & McQuaid all went the way of the dinosaur's a different NHL but a player his size and grit if utilized right could still make an impact even if it's only on the 4th line making heads swivel ...good insurance for little money
  10. I'm just wondering who of the 16 Russian players to have suited up for Montreal got treated badly ...Markov ? Kovalev ? Emelin ? ...Berezin traded for Brian Savage? ...Sergachev traded for Drouin ? There have been a few Russians who played great for the Habs and a few that didn't like Semin ..I don't put a lot of stock in what Scherbak says anyway especially when the interview was with the Russian Press
  11. geez this is a great comment ...what I see when Montreal acquires a player is how that player reacts to coming to the Habs organization ….most recently Domi but as well Thompson and Chiarot were all glowing about it ...for the Quebec kids like Danault , Hudon and Drouin it's about growing up in a strong hockey culture and being close to home ...I always wished Montreal would acquire Crosby somehow because he grew up a Habs fan ...Cousin's family are all Habs fans ..this is important because when the jersey goes on it should be about pride in the city , fans and organization and wanting to do your best father was a Habs fan , my brothers and my mother and most extended family members from the Ottawa area ...I was 6 years old and we were living in Toronto when Hockey Night in Canada was ONLY about --are they hopefully going to show Danny Gallivan and the Habs tonight ?( unless it was against Toronto or the Leafs were out of town ) ...I'm now 72 and have seen this team win plenty of Stanleys and now thanks to internet streaming I can watch every game ..I like this team's effort every night last year ..if an extremely "talented" Drouin can 100% get with the defensive program all the better ..I think he will …...and how ironic is it that the St. Cloud University logo looks for all the world like a Habs jersey ?
  12. Maybe KK will suffer the sophomore jinx but as an 18 years old he got a taste of what the NHL is all about and that's a positive . I don't think Bergevin is finished yet but he's signed every conceivable piece and prospect with the exception of McCarron . This still a relatively young team with Domi , Lehktonen , Drouin all at 24 , Mete , 21, Poehling 20 and a bunch of 26 yr olds . Suzuki 20 , Primeau 20 , Romanov 19, Brook 20 and Caufield at 18 1/2 give me hope for this team ..also I think Juulsen will rebound this year and he's still pretty young as well. I see great strides from the prospect angle from even 2 yrs ago ( especially at center ) .I'm sure when the team prospect rankings come out Montreal will be right up there towards the top .
  13. I'm in agreement here ..Bergy has made a couple of mistakes ( like Alzner ) but he's held true for the most part on not mortgaging the future ..he has also made some good ones in picking up guys like Armia , Danault & Byron for peanuts ( plus a couple of picks ) ...the Domi trade worked out pretty well , the Pacioretty trade paid off huge and the Drouin trade has yet to be determined but I think his best days are ahead ..I'm not unhappy with his depth signings like Cousins or for that matter Chiarot ...KK has 1 year under his belt and Montreal still has Poehling and Suzuki coming ...Caufield was a major scoop with a bunch of picks next year ….I'm patient too but this is a different NHL today ...geez Washington and St Louis won the last 2 SCs...some guys are going to need to be paid in the next 2 years or before ...that's what the cap space is for ...2 more wins than last year and Montreal is in the play-offs where anything can happen ...look at St. Louis last January ...I'm optimistic about this team's future without the $10-12 million contracts like TO or the Rangers
  14. Jeff33 post is on page 10
  15. no it was a quote from jeff33 if you go back and check ..I was responding to that and somehow quoted his post in attempting to respond , otherwise I'm ok but thanks for asking