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  1. As previously mentioned no one would have guessed KK would be offered a ridiculous $6 mill for one year by Carolina ...all other discussion about KK kind of flies out the window because Montreal would have matched any reasonable offer and kept him .He was down the depth chart as a centre for a reason . He was a work in progress and I never heard anything about Montreal considering him a flop at 21 . In a nutshell it was a vindictive offer by the Canes but one KK couldn't refuse and , as well , one which Montreal with no guarantees was smart not to match .
  2. For sure ...if not there would be another Cane OS on the table for Zuke ....maybe this will shut them up ...Suzuki will prove this to be a great contract ...starting this season ...can't wait see what he can do with Hoffman and Caulfield on the PP for a year
  3. after the KK disaster I think the Habs are more about locking up assets than they were before . Zuke has proved he has elite talent so far so yes it's rolling the dice a bit but as you say he might turn out to be a steal ....cap should start going up again with full buildings ...I expect if Caufield has a Calder Cup season the same will happen to him .
  4. and I hope your Dad is doing well man ..I thought the discussion was a healthy one to have regardless
  5. this discussion goes back 10 or 12 posts with a few other members contributing as well regarding Josh Archibald's covid status as a storyline under NHL News and Scores ...sometimes the lines get blurred I guess
  6. A friend of my who is a psychologist and I were going over this the other day .I asked him his opinion on where the disconnect happens with people who don't see the facts or percentages in making a decision about getting this vaccine . He told me it's all about control . When he's tried to reason with his patients who are anti-vaxxers he said it doesn't even register and they don't listen . He's had to let them go to find another doctor . What this tells me is there are a lot of people who don't feel they have enough control in their lives and who are actually willing to risk their health and the health of others to "prove" a moot point .This goes beyond selfish and ignorant .
  7. I need someone to explain to me that if well over 90% of new Covid hospitalizations are people who have not been vaccinated why would that not be the #1 reason to get the shots ? ...what am I missing here ?...
  8. I'm quietly optimistic of the same ...too bad Hoffman won't be playing right away....
  9. probably will if fans attending have a vaccine passport
  10. let's face it if Carolina had taken the draft picks in the Aho OS people would still be grumbling about the cap hit the tying of the organization's hands in the future ( see: Suzuki )..If you go a step higher and lose more 1st rounders and pay more salary than what the Habs offered ( apparently according to some it should have been the latter ) the grumbling would be even worse unless Aho was THE saviour and scored 50 goals a year and led the team to the Cup which is highly unlikely ....given the way this whole affair played out I'm more inclined now to think it played into Bergevin's hand ....he knew right away he wasn't paying KK 6.1 for 1 year with no guarantees and started working the phone lines immediately ...there was no extended term offered KK by Montreal and the Canes and Habs were talking trade just a week prior ....guaranteed it involved the "coveted " KK so it appears the Habs were already willing to let him go regardless....I also believe it was always Bergevin's plan to try and obtain Dvorak to replace Dano even if it cost picks ...Carolina basically handed the Habs the picks to acquire him ...there are a lot of ways to look at this and not every one include Bergevin being an idiot ...
  11. the stat that I'm not impressed with is 5 goals in 56 games ...maybe he becomes a great 20 goal a year man in the NHL eventually who knows ?...Bergevin did about as well as could be expected under the circumstances of being bullied into letting KK go ...to say " we essentially lost a 21 year old top 3 pick with great advanced stats for nothing " is framing the whole process that unfolded as something that Bergevin could have controlled ...he couldn't control an OS by Carolina that was ridiculous , completely overpriced and vindictive from the get go ....otherwise he matches ....and yet I believe Montreal still came out ahead in signing Dvorak despite what may or may not be a downgraded 1st rounder next year and since an almost non-existant goal scorer in Danault was let go because he demanded too much money and term for the team to be cap frugal enough with Suzuki on the horizon ( as most fans agree upon ) then , why isn't the argument framed this way? : that "we" ( essentially) traded an unproven mostly sheltered 21yr old with no consistent scoring resume over 3 years for a proven 25 yr old responsible 2-way centre on a reasonable 4 yr contract who can win you face-offs in the defensive zone and has scored around 17-18 on average over 5 years all on a mostly bottom-feeder team ... ?
  12. It was originally a quote from Big Ted 3 and wasn't intended to make you or Maas_art the author as you both were quoting him ....sorry for the confusion
  13. we didn't essentially lose KK for nothing ...the ( somewhat downgraded ) draft picks were used to acquire Dvorak simple as that ...Danault was long gone with more money and term which most Habs fans would have seen as an overpayment ...if Montreal lost somebody for nothing it would be him and well before the Carolina OS
  14. There will be injuries as in every year ...that's when we'll see younger guys not named Caufileld getting their shot ...could very well be Poehling making the team out of camp ...I don't see Evans being a question mark at all ...he already showed what he's about ..Drouin I figure will at least play to the same level or thereabouts ...I just don't have as many question marks ...the heavy defense that clears the front of the net you mentioned proved important enough in last years play-offs to merit being on the club despite criticisms ...Romanov will step up and improve ...Wideman might surprise ...Savard will smoothly replace Weber ....I think we have a much better regular season than last with Dvorak and Hoffman ...certainly a better PP
  15. It's a good thing Montreal didn't open the vault for Galchenyuk after his 30 goal year ...I don't at that particular time anyone was saying Montreal drafted poorly or wasn't developing their top line talent because he was a rare 3rd overall pick for the Habs like KK ....Most Hab fans were prepared for another few years of KK and were patient with his up-side potential development ....but if we don't cut Chucky loose and get Domi and then Anderson we don't get that mindless blind side across the blue line pass in overtime against the Leafs and go on to win the series ( those are the things Chucky refused to learn ) ...in the same way we might be talking about it being better move to cut KK loose as well in the long run ...I thought MB was really smart to keep quiet through this whole process of the OS and the childish 20/15 thing , the quoting Bergevin verbatim and subsequent trolling on social media ..it's almost like he was quietly relieved to put a solid player on the roster instead of another question mark ...and for less cap space
  16. Yes a little bit of me thinks Carolina thought Montreal would match the $6.1 mill they were trying to screw Montreal's cap up and thus make a Stanley Cup finalist a weaker team in the process . Since it's a pretty strong bet KK won't live up to the money ( especially on wing ) it's possible Carolina might have thought they could offer him a contract next year when he was devalued somewhat and kill two birds with 1 stone. This could completely blow up in their face because now next year other teams could make a bid for him and Carolina would be forced to either pony up on another overpayment or , better still , eat a large portion of crow .
  17. Who really knows what goes on behind the scenes ? maybe Montreal did approach him ....Carolina has stated they "coveted " KK since draft day ...maybe KKs agent told him to hold off because something better was coming ( wink wink ) ...on the other hand he scored 5 regular goals last year ....as for a previous posted comment about Dvorak and his +/- compared to KK I just have to say Montreal system is to have all players on the ice defensively responsible as a unit ...I didn't see that in the desert ...better line mates ?...ok ...better defensive players on his line like Armia , Lehtonen , Byron...all PKs ...umm likely not ,,,Dvorak had quite a few points on the PP as well ...I want to see the numbers after a year in Montreal
  18. Aside from a ridiculous 1 year contract OS by Carolina I think MB has done just that . The free agent forwards he signed are not in the $10 million a season range , they are 1/2 that and will allow Montreal to be able to sign guys like Caufield and Suzuki and Romanov down the road. I disagree with you on 8 year deals and 6 year deals when the players RFA rights are still owned by the club and they are still able to be signed to bridge deals . In a perfect world this has enabled teams like Montreal to assemble a quality group of forwards with some term attached only because the room is there ( Weber's money aside) . Perhaps even the beginning of the season the RFA contracts are expiring might be the time to sign them to longer term ( 3-4 yrs ala Suzuki ) because you can do that without fear of another OS . I can see this happening with Suzuki .The younger guys in the system that look like they might be solid NHLers like Caufield, Norlinder , Primeau or Poehling etc will be treated the same way . I like the way Bergevin has been handling Montreal's cap in the last 2 years . I doubt that going forward rogue GMs will be Offer Sheeting ridiculous spite -filled contracts for one year like Carolina . Almost all teams stick to the same template as Bergevin in managing their cap and over time bringing up their draftees with reasonable contracts until they start to show signs of flourishing .
  19. I think KK will do alright in Carolina and enough to get another contract and even if he has another so-so year the Canes still won't want to admit they overpaid for this player for only 1 year and will offer him something commensurate with his points totals ..personally I'm more interested in how Poehling will do this year with a reasonable shot at making the club ....and then there's the possibility he might actually do better than KK
  20. Wouldn't it be too rich if Bergevin actually bamboozled Carolina into an OS for KK because he knew that he was asking too much in return during their trade talks ? ...If Bergevin was actively offering KK that means he wasn't that high on keeping him and the experiment to get a glimpse of KK's future progress was over ....if Carolina was to keep the OS money lower they would be risking that Bergevin would match just as in the Aho offer ...nobody has even suggested this but about the only thing Bergevin said was that the Canes were well within their rights as per league rules to OS KK and after that said nothing and worked the phone for a week ..hmmmm...maybe this is what Bergevin wanted all along to force Carolina into giving up very tradeable draft picks to go after a centre of he considered of more value ....just sayin'
  21. Yeah it leaves me scratching my head a little ...Dvorak already averages 18 goals a year and 21 assists pretty much a .5 points a game guy over his 5 year career in a wasteland of uncertainty with a revolving door in Arizona . He is about to walk into his prime years as a hockey player into the best fan atmosphere in hockey . I think Montreal is going to like this player a lot .
  22. I see in an interview with TSN that Waddell said revenge had nothing to do with offering KK an OS ....nice try wad ...Hab fans are not forgetting the $ 20 plus $15 signing bonus nor the quoting of Bergevin verbatim .
  23. What happened is Carolina in a 'spite' move offered him ridiculous money he couldn't refuse . If that doesn't happen KK would be playing on the Habs next year on a bridge contract in the $ 3 million range for 2 or 3 years ( nobody on these boards is privy to what really happened between Carolina and his agent )...Montreal didn't "run him out of town they wanted to keep him ....when KK struggled they sent him to Laval and his game improved which in hindsight almost everyone agrees was the right move in for his career ...does anyone see the Canes sending this $6 million kid down to the AHL to work on his game ?..the only criticism is that he started with the big club at such a young age ( he's not the first ) but he played well enough to make a team in need of a centre ...If Montreal has mismanaged or devalued him so badly why then has Carolina " coveted " him since he was drafted and why again was Carolina even still interested if he been misused so badly ? ...I hope he doesn't get booed when he comes back to Montreal but that's probably asking too much ..I think Bergevin has come out of this about as well as can be expected and in the end it might be Carolina with egg on their face if KK doesn't overcome his inconsistency . Dvorak will be a steadier player for us for 4 more years who at 25 hasn't exactly "hit his ceiling " after playing in the desert for 5 years .
  24. if Montreal had kept KK there would be a lot of people pointing out that it was too much money for 1 year , was putting the cap structure in a bind and was a risky deal given the fact Carolina was willing to pay him with term down the road when the contract was up ( and then the Suzuki factor next year )...the ship sailed on KK because we weren't getting him back anyway ... I wish Dvorak well with the Habs ...hope he has a super year ...time to move on
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