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  1. Another thing to consider is extending Petry ...hopefully you could get a 3 or 4 year deal at Weber money ...he still has great wheels and will so for at least 3 more years and he has proven how valuable he is to this club ..liking Montreal and his teammates is another factor and his family is settled ...this can all be possible ( extending Petry , getting Hall for around 9 or 10 mill ) if the NHL allows one more buy-out ...Montreal has to spend all their cap room this year a word Alzner ....
  2. I'm liking the fact (despite what others on these boards may think) that the Montreal top 4 D has been somewhat solidified with the emergence of Kulak's advanced another interesting effect of advancing in these play-offs and showing everybody that the team has decent players and team chemistry is a UFA might consider to sign wish list includes one player ..Hall ..give him enough coin and years ...he fills a gaping void in the line-up and Montreal has some cap room ...I'm imagining a power forward with grit to play with our future centres Suzuki or KK .....whether he signs or not is another thing
  3. Ah .....didn't know that ...the TSN team Injury report didn't show that ...only Teasdale
  4. Unfortunately it looks like Evans might be doing concussion protocol ...I thought he played decently well and is a bigger body than Weal ...if the point of the exercise is to get some play-off experience for the young guys than I'm all for putting in either Juulsen or Fleury (for #61) and Poehling for Evan's spot ...I even think Belzile would be worth a shot ....these guys are playing for their pride right now and although I never like the idea of giving up a shot at #1 (or the idea of this obvious money grab) I'm liking the emerging team chemistry
  5. I agree with what you say except that it was a dumb trade based on our needs at the time ...those were our needs at the time and we gave up an unproven 9th overall for a still very young 3rd overall ..Drouin's talent was undeniable but he wouldn't be the first NHLer in the first 3 or 4 years not to live up to expectations ...At the time as well Tampa couldn't offer him the money he wanted and the term because they were up against the cap ..lots of pundits thought Montreal stole him at the time considering what he did in the play-offs the year before . Some people are basing the results of the trade on our present LHD need . That being said I thought a real stinker was trading away a young McDonagh
  6. at the time I thought the trade was fair value ...a guy with a 'tantalizing toolset " coming to a team that was roundly criticised every day for lack of offence and centres for an as yet unproven commodity in Sergachev ...I thought it was a fair trade-off ...Sergachev has proven to be a decent D-man but not all top 10 draft picks make it to star status ...including Drouin at this point ....this series isn't over yet ...maybe he will do something to change people's minds
  7. 3-2 Montreal in overtime again ....Drouin and Suzuki score in regulation ..Tatar the winner
  8. I assume you guys saw that as a bad trade from the very beginning ...pretty astute
  9. Sergachev has also had the luxury of being on a terrific team in Tampa with a very capable D ( Hedman /McDonagh ) already and 2 or 3 star forwards hence his little above average point production .......hindsight is always 20/20 ..the Habs needed scoring at the time and Drouin is a gifted player ....maybe he'll show more but last year after a great start he got injured and never recovered in what many Hab fans thought looked like his break out year ....maybe Romanov can bring that missing factor on LD ....then again Tampa is in tough with the cap this year so who knows if Sergachev is staying anyway
  10. I'm all for that ...before this series started you couldn't find a pundit anywhere that would pick Montreal to win against Pitts I like putting in Evans and Juulsen and I wouldn't mind seeing another game out of Belzile ...give them some play-off TOI ..why not ?
  11. I'm going to call Montreal winning the first game and losing the round ...everybody gets jacked and then let down and then get jacked again when we win the lottery ..odds of this happening 1.25 % .. "so you're saying there's a chance "
  12. that's pretty much where I sit on this ....barring a not-likely miraculous turnaround
  13. It's difficult for me to imagine breaking up Danault Tatar and Gallagher for chemistry reasons alone looks like Tatar and Lehtonen have changed places in your line-up ...I like the Domi Drouin combo but with Kotkaniemi's for some size and creativity ....Byron might be a 4th line guy...I suspect one or two of Weal, Weise , Hudon and maybe even Poehling could be getting some pine time ...although I've never been a fan of having a play-off just for the sake of TV revenue the play-off experience will help our young guys : Tatar Danault Gallagher Drouin KK Domi Lehtonen Suzuki Armia Byron Poehling Weal or Weise ( for size )
  14. Plus Weber & Petry are both RH
  15. I don't have a problem with any player who decides not to play and risk getting covid and passing it on to his family ...I half think Cary Price might do it too ...if Domi isn't cleared to play there isn't much point to it for the Habs except taking a chance on screwing their draft chances ...not that I think there's a point to it to begin with ..Isn't it interesting that Toronto gets picked as a hub city and all eastern teams are playing there in one of Canada's hot spots for covid ...this becomes an advantage for the team that is in the "center of the hockey universe " or no fans
  16. that's the only positive for me experience ...if we're successful we have to win the Cup or lose a ton of opportunity in the draft ...I guess another way to look at it is most Hab fans would be happy if Montreal just simply made the play-offs anyway and if they had the same scenario in the play-off/draft position would play out anyway ...
  17. I agree about the stupid season part ….this is a bad idea and only a cash grab for the owners ...a 80% chance we don't win the Cup and a 50/50 chance we lose draft position ….kind of like a lose-lose proposition
  18. A dominant Price too ...but I liked the team better with Cousins , Thompson and Scandella ….still it will be a chance for some younger guys to get play-off experience ...ONLY if the NHL can pull this off ...I have very strong doubts
  19. what if one player gets covid ….does everybody in that dressing room go into quarantine ? If they play against a team does that team go into quarantine for 2 weeks ? Are they eliminated because of covid ….if an equipment manager tests positive does the whole team quarantine ?.....yeah something will happen for sure
  20. What a blanket statement to make about Poehling ...I think we can all see he needs some work . Nobody expected him to score 3 goals every game since he wasn't a scorer in college either . But he has the size , the speed , some hands and a very good defensive game that I have no doubt get plenty of positive direction under Bouchard .
  21. the play-offs should be from a city not in the running ...Ottawa , San Jose , Detroit , LA , Ana . NJ , Buff ...but we know that won't happen
  22. The more this gets discussed the more it sounds like a bad idea and not just for the Habs . What is it about 600 players or so in the playoffs ?...add in the team staffs etc , then at least two arena crews , and maybe some fans in socially distanced sections , all the hotel people , transportation people , airplanes , food catering considerations , the media circus ...and then ...if just one person gets infected it's a crap show and someone or some people are going to pay dearly for it .
  23. I think Bettman has about 400 million reasons to push this
  24. yeah I'm right there too ....I'm not a fan of this ...too many risks ..for starters lots of people have been acting like the pandemic is over ...when does the 2nd wave start now that people have jammed in recreational parks and beaches with no social distancing and no masks ? I can see another "wave" in 3 weeks ….they were saying today they might need upwards of 30,000 covid-19 tests for this to happen ..what happens if one player tests positive during a round or maybe gets infected by an asymptomatic and contagious arena worker or even another player ? the teams or players risk playing further and taking it back to their families ? do they do go into quarantine ? do they quash the whole thing ?....this has both money and failure written all over it.
  25. so when they pick a "hub" city is it according to the least Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people ?...does this all sound a little bizarre to anybody else ?