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  1. Normally I wouldn't think Carbo's job is on the line given the team's performance last season, his Jack Adams runner up, and his friendship with Gainey.

    But ... this is the centennial year where Gainey apparantly built a team for a cup run. We are slipping out of a playoff position and missing the playoffs is not an option this year. We have a heavy schedule and if this slump continues, something big needs to happen, I can't see Gainey sitting idly by. The question is can he pull off a major trade? If not, is a new coach the easy answer?

    In addition to being important to our team to do well, I think Gainey has a lot to prove this season. The fact is that while the team looks a lot better than the one he inherited, under Andre Savard we made it to the second round of the playoffs, yet after 5 years of building we have yet to get past this point under Gainey. I think he needs to prove this year that he is building a team that can contend for a cup. Once again, missing the playoffs is not an option.

    Given the circumstances, I don't believe Carbo's job is as safe as it once was. Of course, he isn't going to be fired tomorrow, but depending how this slump goes, it wouldn't shock me at some point.

    well said... but the only thing that stumps me ...we're slipping out of playoff position...it's the 14th game ...way to early to look at the standings...gotta look at that after like 50 games to have a clue of what's going to happen...for all we know we win another 50 games...still earyl

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