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  1. Yeah I was really hoping too see Chipchura break out and solidify a roster spot. After the goal against last night (the one were he lost his stick) I thought he looked pretty badly but later RDS reviewed the play and showed that he really didn't have any passing options because his linemates were not positioned well. Obviously he could have improvised but I don't think he is playing as badly as it looks overall. His FO% is good and he is putting up a good effort. I think that once the team gels into the new system better (his line in particular) he will look much better. GL Chips.

  2. I don`t like the 3 A's idea... Koivu was a great leader and an even better person. A hero to many in Montreal but he is gone folks. I wish him nothing but the best and honestly if there is any chance that he would be back next season and don the C again I would be very happy about it but chances are it is not happening.

    How on earth would not naming a captain for the team next year prove anything or show respect for Saku? I get that fans are upset about losing him but if none of the 20+ players we have now are able to step up and be a leader then we have serious issues.

    Not naming a Captain would be silly IMO and the equivalent to slowly pealing off a bandaid, lets rip it off with a swift tug and get it over with.

  3. From the Habs-Islanders last Saturday: End of the game and postgame celebration:

    Sorry if the light's bad, but my digital camera doesn't work too well in the dark.

    All I have to say is Habs got the best fans ever!

    Thanks for sharing that, I dont get to see many games and have never been to an away game. That was awsome footage.

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