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  1. Ok ,keep the 2nd rounder in the deal and add Mete.
  2. Just teaking the deal . Instead of the 2nd rounder add Mete instead .
  3. I wonder if James van Riemsdyk would be a good pickup for the habs ? If we end up playing the leafs in the playoffs , he wouldn't have a problem getting up for those games against his old team and he would be another big body .Maybe add Gostisbehere to the deal and you get the left d the habs are looking for . So try this , Montreal's 1st rounder and 2nd rounder ,Hudon and Macarron for Van Riemdyk and Gostisbehere .
  4. Suzuki,Poehling,Brook and Ramonov. The new black aces ! Addison without subtraction .
  5. Victor Mete ,Karl Alzner,Ylonen or Ikonen,and for Cam Frowler .
  6. washington has tied clb jackets , so maybe we can gain on them too.
  7. Well it's about time . Shuffle the line-up , you can only beat a dead horse so long !
  8. well , i'm off to the gold medal game to watch a couple of future habs .
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