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  1. This Reffing performance is embarrassing!! Come on boys, let's make them pay!! Pucks on net, please! Let's Go!
  2. Working! Go Habs Go! Shots to the net (On the net), In the net! Pucks in, pucks out! Stay out of box (Hopefully refs aren't as terrible as they have been and so obviously partial). Dialed in Pricey! Take the body! Let's go!
  3. The refs were absolutely terrible. No other way to say it. That has to change. Did anyone else notice on the replay it clearly showed 8 lightning guys on the ice on our first goal. Yes, two of them were going to the bench, but then there were 6 clearly on the ice. That led to confusion on their end and slow getting back in, but there were still 6 men on the ice and the refs weren't even thinking about calling it. Just all around horrible job (unless you're a lightning fan).
  4. I get what you guys are saying, but I thought he was good overall. He adds more to our team than he takes away in my opinion. Gus and merrill make more mistakes than him, imo. On that goal, yes, he does pinch, but I'm okay with being aggressive. Id rather have d-men step up. The bigger problems on that play was the turnover by toffoli and that the refs missed the interference call as maroon knocked him over after the turnover. Then, another contribution on the goal was that romanov could have played 2-1 better. Kulak also could have had a better play on his backcheck of maroon, but overall, I dont blame kulak on that goal. By the way, the Refs were TERRIBLE!! Glad we got the win... Go Habs Go!
  5. I completely agree. It is a bit outlandish to say a team would purposely throw a game to bring it back to home ice. If anyone did, may the hockey gods curse their fortunes! Careful what you wish for, Mayor Jane Castor! Momentum and the game of hockey has a funny way of working.... Let's hope Tampa doesn't have their best game, one way or the other, and let's hope we can change this tide of momentum! Go Habs Go!
  6. I get that, but ultimately, we're here to win the cup and put the best team on the ice to do that. I feel that Staal has been a nice veteran presence, but when the puck drops, Evans/JK/Tatar give us a better fit against a faster TB Lightning squad. I'm not trying to be rude, but I just feel that Staal should be the first forward scratched out of all of our forwards. That's just my opinion. That being said... every time I lobby for Staal to be scratched, he comes out and scores a goal, or produces positively. So, maybe a bit of good luck comes from this post And, It's not that I don't appreciate what Staal can contribute when he plays his best game! Let's hope tonight is one of them!
  7. That is great news! I'm sad to hear JK is sitting, and not Staal, though. Evans in is a positive, though. Go Habs Go!
  8. Exactly. And the bounces have been going against us in the series. Time for that to change. If we earn a win or two and have bounces go in our direction for a game, We've got a game 7. It starts tonight... Gotta step up, play loose and earn a win tonight and go from there! Gotta strike early! Big Ted... I agree. I do not like what those changes indicate. Well... actually, I'm glad that it means that Gustafsson will most likely be out of the lineup. That is good news. And they might take Merrill out too. Those would be positives. But, as I've stated before, I really think that top line needs to be changed. Especially for this Tampa series. Toffoli doesn't fit well with Suzuki and Caufield. He could be used better on a different line. And when we get back to Tampa, That matchup of Point vs. this line is no good. If they put Gallagher with Suzuki and Caufield, I don't think they would have to worry about that as much. The move of Staal and Anderson on the second PP does not make sense to me. That is strange. It does not make me happy to think JK might be sitting out, but I do think Evans being inserted might be a positive. Although, just because JK wasn't on the PP doesn't mean he'll be out of lineup.... I guess it's the presence of Staal that doesn't make sense to me. In my opinion, he should be the first forward to come out of the lineup. And, again, I don't like that they are leaving the top unit intact. But maybe that's just for the PP. We will see. Go Habs Go!!
  9. I agree. Obviously we are being optimistic, but it has to start with one game. I've been saying that Tampa's "dominance" has been overstated. In my view, Game 1, Mtl. was star struck and played poorly. Game 2, they proved they can control the play, but were still tight. Tampa is not tight and capitalized. Game 3 was a tough climb after circumstances in the first 3 minutes. (Bad icing... which also could have been waved off since Anderson was close to chipping it by at the red line, and then close to winning the race), followed by a bad defensive play in corner (I think Gustafsson... whom I hope is not playing anymore, along with Merrill), that led to a shot from point that We would like to see Price stop. Then, a bad clearing attempt that went over glass, resulted in pp, and Armia failed to pressure hedman who walked in and blasted a shot that, again, we would have liked to see Price save. Result... 2-0 Lightning 3+ minutes into game. I could continue elaborating on the nuances of game 3 and the series, but I think my point is made. ... This is not dominance. These are circumstances, flow, bounces, and momentum. I believe we can regain the momentum, and outplay Tampa. I believe we are a deeper team. I also believe that we have not fielded our best team yet. I think that Gustafsson and Merrill should be replaced by Romanov and Kulak. I also believe changes should be made to the forward lineup... most notably moving toffoli off from caufield and suzuki. I know toffoli wanted to play with suzuki, but suzuki and caufield want to play a faster, quicker game. In my opinion, Toffoli holds them back from that. Toffoli will add scoring depth to another line of ours and caufield will benefit from a higher pace. I think Gallagher would be the perfect fit for them, but could see Byron, Evans, Tatar, Lehkonen, or even kotkaniemi or Anderson fulfilling that role. We have so many potential line combinations, it's hard to compute, but I want to see changes made, and I truly believe we can win this series! Don't leave any stones unturned, and let's start this comeback! Go Habs Go!
  10. So... desperate times call for desperate measures. I understand that it's hard to change what has been working for you (Making it to Stanley Cup Finals)... but it's time to realize that there are some things that are NOT working for us. Especially in the Finals. I want to start by recognizing the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup is still in front of us. There are two teams left that have this opportunity this year, and we are one of them. And it starts with the next game. We can beat this Tampa Bay Lightning team. We can win a hockey game, and it has to start with one. Next, I want to start with the obvious change that needs to be made. Gustafsson and Merrill OUT! Romanov and Kulak in!! The time is now. Make it happen, please. I would play Weber/Romanov, Petry/Edmunson, Chiarot/Kulak. Next... time to tackle forwards. First and foremost, I think matchups in this series is huge! We have been dominated in this area. I think we need to shut down the point and kucherov line. Our shut down line should consist of Danault/Lehkonen and (up for debate) Byron/Armia/Evans/Anderson/Toffoli/Gally/Staal. Personally... I'm going to say Evans. Next, I think we should have a top line unit of Suzuki/Caufield/Gallagher that should be matched up vs. the Johnson line. Let me suggest a third line of Toffoli/Armia/Perry vs. the Gourde line and a 4th line of JK/Byron/Anderson vs. the Cirelli line. Or I would swap JK and Armia... so you'd have JK/Toffoli/Perry and Armia/Byron/Anderson. Finally, a possibility of Danault/Lehkonen/Byron, Suzuki/Caufield/Gally, JK/Tatar/Toffoli, Armia/Anderson/Perry Bottom line is that I am an advocate of having a shutdown line featuring Danault vs. Point (And I think Lehkonen should be on it unless he is scratched altogether), and I do think Gally should be liberated from that role. I think Gally should be put with Suzuki and Caufield for our #1 line and matched up vs the Johnson/maroon/mathieu line. The rest of the lines are also debatable, but, they would be tasked with going against gourde/goodrow/coleman, and cirelli/colton/stamkos. IDK.... I'm at my wits end. Hopefully someone can figure it out... Go Habs Go! G'night... I'll be talking back at you before Monday!
  11. I agree with that, except for Byron sitting. He adds too much for us. I hate to say it, but I think the 4th guy to sit for me would be JK.... but that would create a question at center. But Byron is explosive and a good defensive/pk player. We need that.
  12. Lets go Boys! We got the ball rolling last game. Now we're on home ice... time to get the shut down going, and find the back of the net. Gotta continue putting all pucks to the net, and when in close, go upstairs on vasilevsky. Habs win 3-1. Goals from Armia, Kotkaniemi and Caufield. Go Habs Go!
  13. Thank you! .... Poor Killorn Perhaps he's getting his shoulder pads raised.... or maybe has to tighten his pantyhose.
  14. Yeah... certainly every game is very important, and going down 2-0 will make it a difficult task, but the important thing is to improve vs. the opponent. Despite the outcome of tonight's game, there must be improvement from game to game, and if we can improve tonight and then improve on home ice, we have a chance. As this team has showcased, if they get their form right vs. the opponent they can win 4 games in a row or 4 out of 5 or 6; So, personally, I don't think a victory tonight is as dire as a must win. However, I agree that there is urgency to improve dramatically from the showing Monday night. They were completely out of sorts/sync. The matchup between Point and Suzuki was very lopsided and made a big impact. They need to either challenge the Suzuki line to not get Dominated once again, and/or find a way to get a different matchup; Probably both. I am still an advocate for moving Toffoli off of Suzuki and Caufield line, but I won't push that agenda here. The bottom line is that line NEEDS to step up their performance from Monday night (Caufield looked star struck). But I have confidence they can. Whoever is out against the Point line, needs to concentrate and execute a high level proficiency of defensive structure and execution. That line is their key. They generate so much momentum from that line, and then roll out the Stamkos line and they are able to capitalize from that momentum built. We need to disrupt Point's transition and offensive zone control. One area easily identified for need for improvement is pucks in and pucks out. Our turnovers at their blue line were a problem. Also, two more things that I will mention time and time again.... Please, for the love of God, 1. step up on their entry into the zone! Do not give them time and space entering the zone and in the high slot. Force them to put the puck in the corners or down low. Defensemen need to step up, take away their time and space and forwards need to come back hard through the middle. 2. Put the pucks on the G'dang net! I'm sick of this shooting wide stuff. a lot of times it's by design to shoot wide from the points to try and generate stuff on the sides of the nets, but our forwards are trying to get traffic in front and we're basically turning over the puck. just put it on net. And, it carries over to clean shots. We are missing the net far too frequently. Please, hit the net. You can not score if you don't hit the net. Besides, our team is made up of guys who can create stuff off of rebounds... Gallagher, Perry, Anderson, Staal, Armia, etc, etc. ... Anyway, I can't wait for game 2. Go Habs Go! And, yes... interested to see if any changes will be made to lineup. Armia certainly has to be back in, but who do you take out? Evans was fine last game, and I like his game overall... Tatar is waiting to contribute... I won't interject an opinion here, because I'm pretty comfortable with all of our forwards right now. I'll wait and see for that. For me, Merrill and Gustafsson both added nothing to Game 1 and overall, I think they are our worst defensemen. I would prefer to see Romanov and Kulak, but will take one of them. Chiarot does need to clean up some stuff, and maybe less ice=time would help him do that. Fresh legs and energy from Kulak and Romanov might help them accomplish this. Shut down Point/Kucherov! Go Habs Go!
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