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  1. I'm so jealous! I didn't make the trip down to Florida this year! Your pictures are stunning though, of course! And your signs are waaaaay awesome =D
  2. Thanks everyone! Thanks! And gee, how do you do that?! Do you get the broken sticks after the game? Or practice sticks? I was just in the right spot at the right time and I got very lucky, I was hanging out next to the glass waiting for the pre-game warm-up and one of the trainers, I don't know who, just walked up to me and kind of stuck it out in my direction and I kind of looked at him like he was crazy, but then I realized he was giving it to me, I was like WHOA! First time I get a stick! I've only ever gotten skate laces that the Canadiens didn't use on their skates once lol. That was pretty ridiculous. I didn't like carrying it around after the game though, considering the Canadiens lost and it got me a lot of attention that I DIDN'T want. Some people are mean (but I just pretended I didn't speak English )
  3. I just went to what was probably the last Habs game of the year for me I'm so sad. But it was amazing, even though they lost the game. Some pictures: Players I took pictures with before/after the game (I cut out my friends and I, sorry!) Gui | Sergei K. | Carbo | Andrei | Steve TK | Best picture of the night D'Ags | In front of the net Kovy | Action shot Andrei K. | 2 | 3 Markie | Sigh! Max | In front of me Lang Jaro Gorges | 2 Frankie Maxwell Denis Sergei K. I also wanted to show this, because I go to games a lot and I always see fans with hockey sticks and I'm always jealous, well this time I got lucky and I got a stick! Best of all, it's from the best team in the world! Couldn't have asked for better in time for Christmas:) Pleks stick | 2 | 3 And my autographed stuff: Team autographed flag | Andrei Kostitsyn picture, Kovalev and Lang cards Hope you guys like!
  4. Oh your photos are gorgeous! Looks like you always have amazing seats:) The Kovy one in your choices is my favourite.
  5. Thanks! I really liked your photographs aswell, great job!
  6. These are kind of old, from about a month ago, but I never saw this thread and I wanted to post them. They're from the game that was played at the RBC Center in Raleigh on November 18th. Gui | 2 | Very close to Gui | Very close to Gui's... hand/glove/wrist/arm Andrei K. | Smiling Sergei K. | Mean face | Cussing someone out because he missed his shot Saku | 2 Kovy Carey | 2 | Very close to Carey TK Tanguay Steeve Lang Higgy Autographs from after the game | Best puck EVER, just read the tag on it =)
  7. That makes me think of Guy Lafleurs disco album. Hilarious:) but I like the sig, it's funny in a good way.
  8. Ahh.. I hate cuts. I wish I could put some of mine up but I always butcher them and nobody wants to see that mess haha. But I really like the signature, good way to stay simple and clean. Looks good:) great job
  9. That first version is amazing. Good job. You've got some talent:)
  10. the Curse of Curves by Cute is What We Aim for/ NHL on the Fly on tv
  11. Sabres vs Boston game and Leafs vs Ducks game, at the SAME time!
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