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  1. Thanks everyone!

    I sure like ! Poor Markie, looks like he's gonna cry :o:lol:

    Great shots ! You got luckier than me with the stick getting Pleki's, I got Lang's and Brisebois' ;)

    Thanks! And gee, how do you do that?! Do you get the broken sticks after the game? Or practice sticks?

    I was just in the right spot at the right time and I got very lucky, I was hanging out next to the glass waiting for the pre-game warm-up and one of the trainers, I don't know who, just walked up to me and kind of stuck it out in my direction and I kind of looked at him like he was crazy, but then I realized he was giving it to me, I was like WHOA! :o

    First time I get a stick! I've only ever gotten skate laces that the Canadiens didn't use on their skates once lol. That was pretty ridiculous.

    I didn't like carrying it around after the game though, considering the Canadiens lost and it got me a lot of attention that I DIDN'T want. Some people are mean (but I just pretended I didn't speak English ;))

  2. I just went to what was probably the last Habs game of the year for me :( I'm so sad. But it was amazing, even though they lost the game.

    Some pictures:

    Players I took pictures with before/after the game (I cut out my friends and I, sorry!) Gui | Sergei K. | Carbo | Andrei | Steve

    TK | Best picture of the night

    D'Ags | In front of the net

    Kovy | Action shot

    Andrei K. | 2 | 3

    Markie | Sigh!

    Max | In front of me



    Gorges | 2




    Sergei K.

    I also wanted to show this, because I go to games a lot and I always see fans with hockey sticks and I'm always jealous, well this time I got lucky and I got a stick! Best of all, it's from the best team in the world! Couldn't have asked for better in time for Christmas:)

    Pleks stick | 2 | 3

    And my autographed stuff: Team autographed flag | Andrei Kostitsyn picture, Kovalev and Lang cards

    Hope you guys like! :D

  3. These are kind of old, from about a month ago, but I never saw this thread and I wanted to post them. They're from the game that was played at the RBC Center in Raleigh on November 18th.

    Gui | 2 | Very close to Gui | Very close to Gui's... hand/glove/wrist/arm

    Andrei K. | Smiling

    Sergei K. | Mean face | Cussing someone out because he missed his shot

    Saku | 2


    Carey | 2 | Very close to Carey






    Autographs from after the game | Best puck EVER, just read the tag on it =)

  4. TomasPlekaneccopy.jpg

    any comments?

    Here's some constructive criticism:

    Like said above, the text doesn't flow with the signature. Change the font, I do think that something bigger and bulkier fading in behind the render would look nice.

    The yellow text on the top is illegible, and doesn't match with the rest of the color palette. Neither does the #14 up top. Keep in mind when you're leaving your personal mark on a signature make sure it flows with the rest of it.

    The graphic itself is amazing, just the text needs work =)

    Hope that helps!

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