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  1. your right he was on a line with the captin and tangs another guy we let walk alex t was flying to start the season as was most of the team as we usually do. chris came back and was given his right full spot from the previous years numbers and his speed and two way play and gui went to the max line.
  2. this guys a wash always has been fits right in with this team this year. love how you guys keep pumping him up. "he's got such great hands" lol the guys a bust a waste of a spot, soft willie thanks for the nonsense Bob
  3. a star in the making how many more years are we gonna hear that. he's back to his usual self and the goal he scored was a gift. considering the house cleaning and the room made for him i expected alot more intensity focus and drive. though its only four games it seams nothing has changed
  4. quick to point but thats okay, down a goal in the third #84 took a lazy hooking penalty that cost us a goal when we were down one: its the past though
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