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  1. Can somebody please please make me a sig?? Seeing everybody here with such cool sigs is making me want one real bad. A sig with Kovy and sammy would be great..
  2. Username : <-------- Real Name : Oleg Age : 17 Live : Montreal Born : Odessa, Ukraine. All time Fave Hab : Petrov Current Fave : Kovalev
  3. Big Rossoneri fan here... I wont say much about the scandal, all I'll say is that if Milan get relegated, my summer will be partially ruined, thats for sure. (Not to mention when the season starts, but thats when the habs play.) Having said that, if Juve get relegated and Milan dont, well that would be one happy day. The only bad that can come out of it for milan fans is that if they are to win the scudetto people will say "oh you only won because juve isnt here bla bla bla....". I hear the verdict will be out in a few days. What do you guys think will happen? What are the chances of each team being relegated (especially milan and juve) ? Im nervous.
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