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  1. Username: Hackett Live: Montreal Born: Montreal Age: 26 Favourite Current Hab: Koivu, Bonk, Johnson, Higgins Favourite All time Hab: Jeff Hackett Hey Guys, My name is Jasbir (Im a girl) and I was born and raised in Montreal. I wasnt much of a Habs fan growing up and I did make fun of people that watched hockey because I thought it was a boring sport. Then one day I was just flipping through the channels and on RDS I saw a Habs player on the ice that was hurt. This was Richard Zednik and it was the 2002 Playoffs against Boston. Michel Terrien was yelling and before I knew it I started yelling at my T.V. also - I had no idea that Boston was one of our biggest rivals but I knew that I hated them - I made sure to catch the next game and every game since then. Now I am a die hard HABS ONLY hockey fan!!! I like to believe that I was always a Habs fan it just took the 2002 Playoffs to make me see it!!!
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