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  1. Happy 33rd birthday to the man, Mr. Carey Price! We all love you for what you have done for the Habs since you first put the jersey on. For your birthday I wish you these three things in order. Health for you and your loved ones. The Stanley Cup. Another shut out tonight against the Flyers. You deserve it all but I'll admit for item number three I'll just take the win as I'm sure you will as well. The first two are paramount. During these times there's nothing more that I care about than the health of my 9 year old son and my family. Hockey is awesome and we the Habs nation absolutely love and adore our hockey and our beloved team. But, your health and the health of your loved ones has, and will always be more important. So health to you and your loved ones and for the entire team from all of us. The Stanley Cup. Yeah, like he doesn't deserve a Cup for what he has accomplished. Lets go boys bring it in for the coach and for Carey. You all deserve it. Happy Birthday Carey! Go Habs Go and good health to all the Habs fans out there. Much love and take care.
  2. Reports coming in now that it's a high ankle sprain and is out 4-6 weeks. That's nasty but I'll take this over reports of retirement any day that's for sure.
  3. He might not have a choice and he might have to retire regardless if he wants to or not. This injury is quite severe. It's related to the foot that was surgically repaired in 2018. They are waiting for swelling to alleviate and further confirmation. Surgery seems unavoidable going into this week. Brutal news.
  4. givem hell halak. Way to go! add 2 shutouts to those stats as well.